What is Assisted Publishing?


In this ever-changing world of literary and music publishing, we see new terminologies pop up all the time. One of the latest is “Assisted Publishing.”
Exactly what does Assisted Publishing mean?
Perhaps to different companies, it means different things, but to RiJan Publishing, it simply means what it says. It is assisting authors and music artists in publishing their work, whether it is a book or a song they’ve just written.
Rian Publishing is dedicated to connecting authors and artists with the right professional for their specific job so that the end result is a book you can be proud to announce to the world, or a song that you can rest assured is protected and registered where it should be.
As your publisher, the goal is to make sure you don’t get ripped off for the services you need as well as guaranteeing the level of service you receive is nothing less than complete professional

books amd cds

I can help you avoid the pitfalls of self-publishing.
Marketing your book and/or song is different project by project, but you will have the opportunity to choose marketing materials depending on the package you choose. The other part of marketing that RiJan Publishing can assist you with is setting up your Author page on Amazon, Goodreads, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Ultimately the type of marketing you do is up to you and if you desire a higher level of marketing, RiJan Publishing partners with two different marketing gurus and you would be referred to them at no cost to you.
You retain control of your work at all times. You decide what goes or stays. You receive all of the returns for your work. RiJan Publishing receives nothing but the payment you make for the services you require and retains NO rights to any of your work.
So welcome to RiJan Publishing. Look around the site and please email me any questions you may have.
We take the hassle, worry and expense out of self-publishing. That’s our promise.



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