Today, my focus is on the release of my new book and music cd project. I am reminded of how it is much like a mother giving birth to an amazing new life.
I see each project I do as having a life of its own and each one is as individual as children. They say you can have a dozen children and they’ll all be unique and different. I see my books and music the same way.
For those who read the first book in this trilogy, Flowers and Stone, I am sure they are thinking they know what is coming in The Convict and the Rose. But, that is not exactly true.
The Convict and the Rose is as different from Flowers and Stone as two children born to the same parents.
I love the creative process of expressing this true story through the books. But, in addition to the books, I also create a music cd that goes hand in hand with them. Why?
Because the basis of the entire story is a love and passion for writing and creating music. That is the one constant that carries through from book to book.
The main male character in these books, Luke Stone, was a music man. He not only performed music, but wrote. His passion was writing. So, to me, adding the music cd to the book simply completes the story.
The Convict and the Rose begins at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas. Luke Stone, convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, arrives angry, bitter and rebellious. As the story unfolds, through incidents that occur, he begins to grow within himself and starts a journey of self-discovery. He makes the choice to learn how to be positive in a negative setting.
Darlina Flowers, left with a gaping hole in her heart due to Luke’s departure, attempts to go on living as he’d encouraged her to do. She tried many different paths from drugs to gurus and relationships. Nothing filled the emptiness left by Luke.
The Convict and the Rose is a story of the journey of these two souls joined together by a love that transcends the earthly plane.
The music on Forty Foot High is as unique as the story. Eleven of the twelve tracks were recorded in a makeshift recording studio inside Leavenworth Prison. This in itself is historic as the studio, put together by Luke Stone (aka Rick Sikes) in prison, is the only one known to have existed inside an American prison.
The title song on the cd, Forty Foot High, is song lyrics written by Luke Stone (aka Rick Sikes) and recorded by recording artist, Jamie Richards.
So, as any mother is with her brand new baby, I am excited to share this project with the world.
You can find more information at my website.

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