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Jan SikesHello, I am Jan Sikes. I started writing when I was a young girl, around the age of eight. My first writing was a gospel song. I had an uncle whom I loved dearly, but he was an alcoholic and his drinking caused such family discord that at times, resulted in him being banished from their home. So, I wrote a song about Uncle Luke finding Jesus. That is my first memory of feeling the passion deep down to my toes for writing.

Then as I continued to grow up, I became an avid reader of books. We had no TV in our home so reading was my entertainment. Many times, I’d be in the middle of a good book when Mom called for lights out, so I would hide under the covers with a flashlight and continue reading.

Jan Book Signing 2Jan at KerrvilleThe stories I write (so far) are true stories about the…

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