Four Pieces for Power – A book review!

Four Pieces For PowerFour Pieces For Power by Marc Estes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A man’s very settled life suddenly turns upside down by an unexpected visitor who reveals a secret that changes everything. Andrew Correo’s grandfather, who he’d thought to be dead for many years, had faked his death and disappeared to head a powerful organization known as Vindicatori. Now, he has passed away and Andrew has the opportunity to take over the command of this world dominating force and carry on his grandfather’s work.

But, there is a challenge, set in place by Grandfather Correo that must first be won . Andrew and his rival, Robert, must compete in a high stakes deadly game to find four pieces of a puzzle.

The first man to find all four pieces wins the leadership of Vindicatori. This quest leads them from the pyramids of Mexico to Rome, where they discover clues to help them find each piece of the puzzle. But, one of the men doesn’t play fair. Suspense builds throughout the story with a climatic ending.

Marc Estes did a great job of weaving the characters of this story together in a compelling way. I was hooked from the first chapter. This tale is very much along the lines of an Indiana Jones adventure or a Dan Brown novel. If you like action/adventure stories with intrigue and espionage, you will love this debut novel!

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