Sizzling Romance!

Texas Mail Order Bride

Linda Broday has woven together another intriguing tale from the fringes of the Old West. In the first book of The Bachelor of Battle Creek series, we meet three brothers determined to never marry, Oh, they had their reasons alright, but Cooper Thorne was no match for the blonde haired beauty that stepped off the stage claiming to be his mail order bride.

It was obvious someone had tried to play matchmaker for the tall handsome cowboy, but who? It was also obvious that Cooper Thorne wanted nothing to do with this woman who claimed he’d sent for her.

Delta Dandridge wasn’t the kind of woman to tuck tail and run, never mind the fact that she had nowhere to run to. She dug her heels in and in no time, won the hearts of the residents of the small failing town of Battle Creek.

Cooper Thorne saw red when Delta not only stayed in Battle Creek, but set about spiffying up the town and seeing to it they gained a school and school teacher.

Through lots of twists and turns in this story, an old nemesis comes gunning for Cooper and his two brothers, dragging Delta dangerously into the fray. Cooper realizes he loves this woman and not only does he love her, but he can’t imagine life without her when she goes missing and he knows she is in grave danger.

I loved this story and all of the characters that are woven through it like a delicate spider web. Romance sizzles on the pages and the good guy wins. If you love a great love story set in the old West, you’ll love Texas Mail Order Bride!

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