Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum!

Tread Carefully

This story begins with a bang. The Governor of Jamaica in the 1700s, Edward Trelawny plans a huge birthday party for his niece who is coming of age. But, the black-hearted pirate, Captain Flint and Long John Silver have other plans and soon a kidnapping is underway. Not only is the Governor’s niece, Jessica, and her maid, Libby, captured, but a British Naval sea Captain, Michael Townsend, and his first officer Patrick O’Hara,,are taken captive as well while trying to rescue Jessica and Libby.

A ransom is demanded from the Governor, which he pays in hopes of recovering his niece, but things go awry and the pirates get away with the loot and the captives.

Author, David Bryant has done his research and the depiction of the famous pirate characters is very well done as well as the descriptive scenes that allows the reader to see Jamaica and the Caribbean sea trade as it was in that time period.

It is a tale of honor in unexpected places and ways, as well as deception and ruthless treachery in others.

If you like tales from the eighteenth century on the high seas, you will enjoy this book and it’s characters.

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