Why you should join Rave Reviews Book Club TODAY

If you haven’t checkout into Rave Reviews Book Club as either an author or a reader, please read this blog!

Ella Emerson

This is an awesome group, I am a new member. I just joined not even two weeks ago. But, I can honestly say…I already see the support so much. Did I tell you Sky Watcher Book 1 was on the top free list for a little while on Amazon?? I am excited about it.

Join Rave Reviews Book Club TODAY!!!

Ok back to the matter at hand:

January 28th is Recruitment Day over at Rave Reviews Book Club. One great thing about this club is the reviews. Membership is a mere 25 bucks a year….Yes, a YEAR!! They offer mentoring, a spot in their online catalog, and so so much more.

The only requirement….You have to review 1 book a quarter. Which is easy to do. You review someone’s book, and usually they or someone else reviews yours. It is a great system…and it seems to be working.

Become a…

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