How to thrive as an Independent Author…

This blog contains some very practical advise to anyone doing or even thinking of doing self-publishing!

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If you’re serious about self-publishing, you might already know that publishing books isn’t easy. Behind each book there are countless hours of writing, revising, producing and marketing. Most importantly, behind each book, there’s a piece of your bare soul. The world of publishing can be as rewarding and fertile as it can be ruthless and disheartening.

front cover copy I decided to pursue self-publishing in early 2012. A year after, I was the proud author of a beautiful children’s book called Tristan Wolf. I’ve done everything my Marketing 101 book said I should do. I’ve protected fiercely the quality of my books, and I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made (and I keep on learning). I’ve published four more books and released three of those in Spanish. It sounds exhausting, but it’s all part of my plan to take over the world one children’s book at a time 😀

As part of…

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2 thoughts on “How to thrive as an Independent Author…

    1. Hi Jan

      How are you doing?

      You must be proud of yourself for producing an award winner book–that’s fabulous!

      It would be good to read it to see what makes it award winning than do it myself. I’m already an award-winning writer without the award or reward. lol

      When I self-publish I’ll let the publishing house do it everything for me. I can edit!

      It’s one thing to get a book written and entirely another to publish it. Publishing costs to much money. I doubt I will ever publish my book due to economically prohibited.

      Have a great day!

      Donna Thompson


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