Breathtaking Romance and Edge-0f-Your-Seat Suspense!



Anyone who has found themselves the “outsider” in life looked down upon for a social status or color of skin, will enjoy this romantic suspenseful tale by Linda Broday. Brett Liberty, an Indian half-breed knows all-to-well, the hate many people carry for him simply because of the color of his skin. When he meets beautiful red-haired Rayna Harper, a lowly bone-picker’s daughter, in the most unlikely of circumstances, he finds someone as judged and ostracized by society as himself.


An old Indian man stumbles up on Brett’s horse ranch, near death’s door, and little does Brett know the trouble that follows him. Not only the elderly Indian, who desperately needs medical attention, but an aging nun and passel of Comanche Indian orphans are delivered to his doorstep. And who else, but beautiful spirited Rayna to help take care of them as the threat of smallpox set off an avalanche of events?
The suspense and sheer danger they face as they attempt to fight off a hate-ridden army of men determined to destroy the orphans and everyone who stands in their way keeps you on the edge of your seat. Through it all, Brett and Rayna find the love and acceptance they both crave.
There is never a dull moment in this story and I love the way it unfolds with the many multi-dimensional characters that make up this last book of the Bachelors of Battle Creek series. If you enjoy historical romances, this one won’t disappoint. Linda Broday writes in a way that sweeps you up into the story with the characters. You laugh, cry, struggle and triumph along with them.


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One thought on “Breathtaking Romance and Edge-0f-Your-Seat Suspense!

  1. Jan, thank you so much for blogging about this book. I’m glad you enjoyed Brett’s and Rayna’s story.Their forbidden love had me reaching for a tissue many times as I wrote it. The story is as pertinent today as it was in 1879. Prejudice and hate is still rampant in this country and that makes me so sad. My prayer is to one day live free of that and with everyone co-existing in peace. This is a huge planet with plenty of room for everyone.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and much success with your own books in 2016!


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