Power, Lies, Deceit, Danger




Rekindle The Flame


This is the second book in Marc Estes’ Vendicatori series. Having read the first one, Four Pieces for Power, I was primed and ready for the continuing story.

When young Andrew Correo finds himself the head of a secret underground but extremely powerful organization, he has no idea the layers of lies and deceit he will uncover. After he won the battle for the seat as head of the Vendicatori in book one, he thought the struggles were over and would settle into a nice comfortable role as leader of this organization. But, in Rekindle The Flame, a dangerous and deadly mission of epic proportion erupts when he discovers the woman he’d loved five years ago and believed dead is indeed still very much alive. Not only is she alive, but is being held captive by Esteban, the arch enemy of the Vendicatori. Who can he trust? Which story can he believe? He finds the faith and confidence he had in his number one man questioned.

I thought the storyline in this book was very solid. I did however, have some difficulty with the bouncing back and forth between the present day and five years ago as well as bouncing from scene to scene with different characters in various locations. The ending was a surprise to me and I believe that through the act Andrew was forced to commit, he grew into a more wary and ruthless man. The events in the story are eye-opening as far as the lengths the Vendicatori will to go to protect their organization.

All in all, it’s a good read with plenty of action to keep the reader turning the pages. If you like suspense, action, drama and foreign travel, you’ll like this story.


Marc Estes is a Rave Reviews Book ClubMarc Estes member and is always supportive of other authors.

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