What’s so hard about writing?

If you are a beginning writer, you may be asking that question.

Books in Heart

If you’ve written and published books, you already know the answer to the question.

You have this great idea for a story. Maybe it’s even a true story that you believe others would benefit from you sharing. Or maybe it’s pure fantasy fiction. Whatever the case, you want to write. And write you should!

Of course no one uses outdated typewriters anymore. 🙂


Instead we have modern computers

I get approached often by new writers looking for advice and direction. I always tell them the same thing. If you have a story to tell, go ahead, take the leap of faith and get started. From my own experience, I can tell you that when you look at a story as a whole picture, it is overwhelming. But, when you focus on one line at a time, one paragraph, one chapter, it becomes doable.


Of course, you need to outline your story, build character arcs and plot sequences. But, when it comes to actual writing, you must focus on each word. Then, as if by magic, the story begins to unfold one little word at a time.

Sounds easy, huh?

If you have a story burning inside, you will find that it won’t let you rest.

Three things come into play. First and foremost, you must have a story to tell, secondly, you must be committed to telling the story and thirdly, you must persevere. A story can’t be written overnight. It takes time, effort, commitment and dedication. While you are writing your story, practice on growing thick skin and be ready to accept criticism. Then once your story is complete, has been professionally edited (not by a friend or family member unless they are professional editors) and polished to perfection, reveal it to the world and get ready to work harder at marketing your story than you ever did writing it. And that’s the truth.

So, what’s so hard about writing?


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