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Sarah Stuart    Sarah Stuart has been a writer since she could hold a pen: her debut novel, published in July 2014, is only the beginning of a lifetime ambition to embrace the freedom of creating characters in depth. Her first publications were articles about wildlife, horses, and dogs, followed by short stories created for mature students when she worked as a literacy tutor. During a period when she ran Kennel Club accredited dog obedience training classes she edited a monthly magazine.

Her passion for the theatre, the major setting for her first series of books, is rooted in dogs. She supplied them for the stage, which gave her an unrivalled opportunity to meet producers, directors, choreographers, wardrobe mistresses, dressers, stagehands, and performers. Her description of that experience is “I absorbed every scrap of information like blotting paper and, since I am no actress, no threat, actors and actresses confided in me.”

History, and British history in particular, interests her but, so far, she has resisted the temptation to write historical novels. Instead a link to English and Scottish royalty runs through her current contemporary work that is firmly imbedded in the twenty-first century. A confirmed Christian, she has no qualms about tackling subjects that push the boundaries of faith and forgiveness.

People hold the greatest fascination of all. Mother, child-minder, foster mother, student landlady, university “wife” meeting the rich, famous, titled and royal, and an appetite for worldwide travel, all contribute to her deep understanding of how individuals react to different circumstances and triggers. Her characters “live”; in one guise or another they have, or do, live.

Sarah’s Books:

This is a special re-launch of the Royal Command series. Both books have been rewritten and edited. As a result, both now have 5 star Readers’ Favorite reviews. The last book in the trilogy, Dynasty of Deceit, will be available winter 2016/17.

Dangerous Liaisons Cover  FREE FROM MARCH 18-20 ON AMAZON! 

Lizzie, daughter of a wealthy Scottish laird, inherits Margaret Tudor’s secret diary. A decoded message reads “I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may”. Lizzie falls in love with Michael, a poor aspiring actor whom she helps become a superstar. Lizzie passes the diary to their daughter, Lisette, who is influenced by Queen Margaret’s manipulative, vengeful, granddaughter, sparking dangerous passions and betrayals.

Can Lizzie outwit the paparazzi or will the scandal of adultery and incest end in tragedy for them all?

Illicit Passion  ONLY .99 FROM MARCH 18-20 ON AMAZON!

Showbiz superstar, Lisette, is blackmailed with a threat to expose illicit love, a secret that she, and her father, thought safely hidden forever. Michael initiates an audacious plan to free her from a life of humiliation and pain that puts the whole family in peril. Once again, they hover on the brink of disaster at the hands of the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, their daughter, Harriet, the new owner of the Book of Hours, deciphers coded entries made by Queen Margaret’s great-granddaughter, Lady Harriet Allanach. Will she too follow her namesake’s example and comply with the queen’s command “I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may”, or walk away from the twin she loves, and shouldn’t love, before it’s too late?

Sarah is an amazing #RRBC author. I have read both of these books and enjoyed them tremendously. If you love a story that crosses over boundaries and keeps you guessing, you’ll love both of Sarah’s stories!!
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17 thoughts on “Sarah Stuart #RRBC Author

  1. What a very interesting post. These PIF weeks are a great way of discovering all sorts of fascinating things about RRBC’s multi-talented membership. Thank you, host and guest alike, for being such terrific members of RRBC. 🙂


  2. I agree with Lizzie. Great blog post and start to PIF week! Thanks, Jan! Sarah’s book is coming up very soon on my TBR list. Only 1.5 books ahead of Dangerous Liaisons.


  3. This is a lovely website, Jan, and you did a great job introducing Sarah to the rest of us! It is good to know these things as a backdrop to her books. Great specials, Sarah – I hope many of our members take advantage and leave a bunch of reviews soon!


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