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“Either you’re nobody’s business or you’re front page news…” is a line from Sake of the Song on Hayes Carll’s new album, Lovers and Leavers. This is a very different Hayes than we saw on KMAG YOYO, his last release in 2011.

The songs are simple, haunting, heartfelt and none about booze, drugs or sex. Instead, they are about life, love, and magic.

Of the album, Carll comments:
I didn’t have one song that I knew would be a sing-along or would make people dance. I felt vulnerable in a way that I hadn’t in a long time. But I got what I wanted – a record with space, nuance, and room to breathe. It felt right for my art. It felt right for my life.

The album kicks off with “Drive” which sets the tone with acoustic instrumentation and almost mournful lyrics, “Shooting star racing through the night. Long as you keep moving, you won’t ever die, no you won’t ever die…”

“Good While It Lasted,” is a song that all of us can relate to somewhere in our past. “It was good while it lasted, it just didn’t last too long…”

“The Magic Kid” is a touching tribute to Carll’s young son who loves performing magic tricks. You can feel the love and admiration ooze out in the words.

Almost a relationship handbook, “The Love that we Need” is a deep reflection of what goes wrong; too busy building a life to find the love that is needed. “You Leave Alone” is another deeply insightful song: “When you leave this world, you leave alone…”

“My Friends” is a reminiscent tune and “Jealous Moon” talks about how the moon comes up each night and then fades in the sunlight – perhaps she is jealous of the sun? Hayes hints that this could be the case. “Love Is So Easy” is a song that could only be written by a man who has found true love.     

There are ten tracks on this album and five of the ten songs are over four minutes in length. There was a time, in the business, when a strict rule dictated them to be no longer than around three minutes. Carll is breaking the rules, baring his soul and sharing his heart through the lyrics and melodies on Lovers and Leavers. This album will not disappoint Hayes’ many fans! 

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#RRBC Book Trailer Debut! Karen Ingalls


Book Trailer Debut!

Author Event: Friday June 24 at 12 Noon

Author Karen Ingalls will be chatting about her book trailer and book! Stop by and show your support!

Hi, and welcome to the debut of “NOVY’S SON:  THE SELFISH GENIUS” BOOK TRAILER DEBUT!  This amazing story has been penned by Author, Karen Ingalls.  To find out more about Karen, please visit her blog tour page at 4WillsPublishing, where this event is being sponsored. We hope that you will enjoy this amazing story, told thru visuals, meaningful words and music.


From his early childhood, Murray Clark sought love and acceptance from his father, who was raised as the bastard child of a famous artist. Murray struggled with jealousy toward his younger brothers, and he questioned the morals and values of people around him.As an adult, Matthew lived life his way, with years of lying, womanizing, and heavy drinking. Though married four times, did he ever find unconditional love? Would Murray’s high intelligence, his love for his two daughters, and his unique philosophy of life help him rise above his demons?


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Daydream’s Daughter #RRBC Nonnie Jules





This highly charged emotional story is one of a multitude of tragedies that can only be imagined by most. When young Maiya James finds herself in a situation of being repeatedly abused, sexually by her stepfather and verbally as well as physically by her mother, she feels only shame. As I was reading, being a former employee of Child Protective Services, I cried out to her to ‘please just tell someone…anyone.’

But, Maiya couldn’t bring herself to reveal this horrible secret and so the abuse continued. Two pregnancies later (both caused by the stepfather), she finally reaches out to her godmother, G-Anne. At last, I thought the abuse would be over, only to have the hope that she would finally be freed from this unimaginable hell crushed when G-Anne is involved in a near- fatal car crash on her way to get Maiya and take her from the situation.

So, now Maiya carries not only the shame of the abuse but, tremendous guilt for having caused G-Anne to be so distraught that she wrecked her car. There seems to be no way out for young Maiya. She is trapped.

Eventually, she calls her grandmother for help. She’s suffered a particularly brutal beating from her mother after catching the stepfather in the sex act with Maiya. She is out of the home, but the memories haunt her. She is still not free.

Then, one night, Maiya does the unthinkable. In a drug-induced state, she walks into the home she’d lived in and shoots the stepfather six times. He is dead. He can no longer hurt her. And yet the nightmare continues.

Maiya is sentenced to prison for murder and even though she is only seventeen years old, she is sent to an adult prison.

All through the book, my heart broke for Maiya. I wanted her to finally have revenge for the horrors that had been inflicted on her. I wanted her mother to be brought down and suffer consequences for her own part in the abuse. I wanted redemption for Maiya.

Does she find it? You’ll have to read the dramatic tale by Author, Nonnie Jules to find out. I give this book four stars.

Nonnie Jules is the founder of the Rave Reviews Book Club – an organization designed to promote and propel authors to new heights.

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Ten Things Not to Do When You Have a Honey-Do List

A comprehensive guide to a peaceful if not happy marriage. 🙂

Fiction Favorites

Honey Do List

The inspiration for this list has been a number of years of being the recipient of lists of things that needed fixing. I hope you enjoy it.

10 If you receive a honey-do list, do not laugh at the items on the list. If you do, at best you’ll get one of those looks that turn brave thoughts to flee instincts. At worst, you’ll have to try to defend the undefendable fact that you haven’t kept up with normal maintenance. (The couch is pretty lumpy wouldn’t you say?)

9 If you receive a honey-do list, do not take shortcuts to complete the list. If you do, At best the inspection will produce some embarrassing deficiencies. At worst, you find yourself in the do-over mode, and it will take longer than the original mode would have taken. (Was that game you rushed to see worth it, Buster?)

8 If you receive a honey-do list…

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Songwriter Extraordinaire, Richard Dobson

Richard Dobson and Jan Sikes at the Llano Music Festival

How often does a person actually get to experience recognition for a lifetime of work while they are still here to enjoy it?

I’d say the answer to that is ‘not often.’

My friend, Richard Dobson, has literally spent an entire lifetime writing songs, poetry, books and other ramblings. Just recently, he was honored by having some of his work preserved in the Fondren Library at Rice University in Houston, Texas!

This man is most deserving of such a prestigious honor. Here is a link to the listing.

Richard Dobson Collection

He has a brand new CD out – Plenty Good People which is a music collaboration with the famed adventurer, treasure hunter, poet, novelist and songwriter, W.C. Jameson.

Plenty Good People

If you are interested in any of Dobson’s music or books, visit his WEBSITE!

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But most importantly, treat yourself to the unique sound of Richard Dobson Music!

Guest Author Sandra Cox with Sunset #FantasyRomance #Genies

What would you do if you were given three wishes? Would you take time to consider the consequences of each?

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’m delighted to welcome Sandra Cox back to my blog today with her latest release, SUNSET. Doesn’t that title conjure wonderful images? And wait until you see the cover! First, though, here’s Sandra with an intriguing guest post…

Be Careful What You Wish For
by Sandra Cox

If you found a genie’s lamp and had three wishes what would they be? Anything you want. What would you wish for? My first would be world peace, followed closely by being a New York Times bestselling author. And I think I’d hold on to the third for a fallback.

While having our desires fulfilled sounds wonderful, the problem with wishes, dreams, and fantasies achieved is that there is usually an unforeseen downside.

In Gillian Stone’s case it was an unexpected codicil.

Book cover for Sunset by Sandra Cox shows a genie lamp with smoke spiraling up from the spoutIntro:

Be careful what you wish for.

While I’m dropping pearls of wisdom let me add, read the fine print.


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Introducing A.M. Manay

It is always interesting to get a peek inside a writer’s mind!!

Today I have great pleasure in turning the blog over to my guest A.M. Manay, not least because I just finished reading book 1 in her November Snow series, She Dies at the End. This gripping tale of…

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