Daydream’s Daughter #RRBC Nonnie Jules





This highly charged emotional story is one of a multitude of tragedies that can only be imagined by most. When young Maiya James finds herself in a situation of being repeatedly abused, sexually by her stepfather and verbally as well as physically by her mother, she feels only shame. As I was reading, being a former employee of Child Protective Services, I cried out to her to ‘please just tell someone…anyone.’

But, Maiya couldn’t bring herself to reveal this horrible secret and so the abuse continued. Two pregnancies later (both caused by the stepfather), she finally reaches out to her godmother, G-Anne. At last, I thought the abuse would be over, only to have the hope that she would finally be freed from this unimaginable hell crushed when G-Anne is involved in a near- fatal car crash on her way to get Maiya and take her from the situation.

So, now Maiya carries not only the shame of the abuse but, tremendous guilt for having caused G-Anne to be so distraught that she wrecked her car. There seems to be no way out for young Maiya. She is trapped.

Eventually, she calls her grandmother for help. She’s suffered a particularly brutal beating from her mother after catching the stepfather in the sex act with Maiya. She is out of the home, but the memories haunt her. She is still not free.

Then, one night, Maiya does the unthinkable. In a drug-induced state, she walks into the home she’d lived in and shoots the stepfather six times. He is dead. He can no longer hurt her. And yet the nightmare continues.

Maiya is sentenced to prison for murder and even though she is only seventeen years old, she is sent to an adult prison.

All through the book, my heart broke for Maiya. I wanted her to finally have revenge for the horrors that had been inflicted on her. I wanted her mother to be brought down and suffer consequences for her own part in the abuse. I wanted redemption for Maiya.

Does she find it? You’ll have to read the dramatic tale by Author, Nonnie Jules to find out. I give this book four stars.

Nonnie Jules is the founder of the Rave Reviews Book Club – an organization designed to promote and propel authors to new heights.

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