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“Either you’re nobody’s business or you’re front page news…” is a line from Sake of the Song on Hayes Carll’s new album, Lovers and Leavers. This is a very different Hayes than we saw on KMAG YOYO, his last release in 2011.

The songs are simple, haunting, heartfelt and none about booze, drugs or sex. Instead, they are about life, love, and magic.

Of the album, Carll comments:
I didn’t have one song that I knew would be a sing-along or would make people dance. I felt vulnerable in a way that I hadn’t in a long time. But I got what I wanted – a record with space, nuance, and room to breathe. It felt right for my art. It felt right for my life.

The album kicks off with “Drive” which sets the tone with acoustic instrumentation and almost mournful lyrics, “Shooting star racing through the night. Long as you keep moving, you won’t ever die, no you won’t ever die…”

“Good While It Lasted,” is a song that all of us can relate to somewhere in our past. “It was good while it lasted, it just didn’t last too long…”

“The Magic Kid” is a touching tribute to Carll’s young son who loves performing magic tricks. You can feel the love and admiration ooze out in the words.

Almost a relationship handbook, “The Love that we Need” is a deep reflection of what goes wrong; too busy building a life to find the love that is needed. “You Leave Alone” is another deeply insightful song: “When you leave this world, you leave alone…”

“My Friends” is a reminiscent tune and “Jealous Moon” talks about how the moon comes up each night and then fades in the sunlight – perhaps she is jealous of the sun? Hayes hints that this could be the case. “Love Is So Easy” is a song that could only be written by a man who has found true love.     

There are ten tracks on this album and five of the ten songs are over four minutes in length. There was a time, in the business, when a strict rule dictated them to be no longer than around three minutes. Carll is breaking the rules, baring his soul and sharing his heart through the lyrics and melodies on Lovers and Leavers. This album will not disappoint Hayes’ many fans! 

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2 thoughts on “Lovers and Leavers @HayesCarll

  1. I admit I’m not familiar with the artist, but I positively love the cover and the music sounds like something I would enjoy. I’ll have to look this up. Isn’t it amazing that songs were once restricted to a three minute-ish length or snubbed?


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