Traditional vs Indie: My Little Two Cents…again. #RRBC

This blog was originally posted by the President of the Rave Reviews Book Club, an organization that is not only dedicated to promoting authors, but actually gets the job done!

If you are an author, Indie or Traditionally Published, I invite you to look close at the Rave Reviews Book Club and all of the opportunities provided to you through it to support and uplift other authors. Nonnie Jules, President of the club, states this, ‘You are only a successful author when you are lifting someone else up higher than yourself.’
And, it is true!

Watch Nonnie Write!

Recently, I wrote a post where I briefly spoke on the difference between being traditionally published and Indie published;  that post was called “Why I Choose To Be An Indie Author.”  A fellow RRBC member, who is traditionally published, made a comment to the effect that you have more promotion and support, etc., when you are traditionally published.  Well, here I am again, dropping my little two-cents on that matter.

While watching a talk show earlier today (I sometimes have to take breathers, you know), there was an author who writes under the umbrella of one of my genres.  These days, anytime I am watching a talk show or a news program and the word author pops up, I immediately run to my computer to look the author up.  I belong to an organization of such awesome people, that who knows, it could be a fellow member of mine…

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