How do you do it?

Trying to keep up

Seems that it is all I can do these days to keep up with the Tweets, FB posts, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, my own website and this blog just for starters. And that isn’t even counting the two magazines I write for, my part-time job and heaven forbid, work on another book.

So, I am curious.


How do you do it? Have you found an app that is easy, quick and effective?

Do you use Twitter lists? Do you use Buffer? How about TweetJukebox? Hootesuite? Others?

Tell me!

I’m off to the LexiCon Writer’s Conference for the weekend where the #1 rule is: Leave your ego at the door!

Wishing I had a way to keep up with everything while I am gone.



4 thoughts on “How do you do it?

  1. Amazing . . . I asked myself only a few hours ago: How do they keep up with all of this? I follow a few very active blogs, and one friend’s reply was: I’m not sure; just foot to the pedal and off we go. Geez ~ I wonder what kind of car they drive! 🙂


    1. It is very difficult. I need a personal assistant, but can’t afford to pay myself much less an assistant. 🙂 I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


  2. Hi Jan,
    I find Hootesuite and SocialOomph both really useful, but I do still spend a lot of time on social media as I don’t like everything to be automated. Also, you can spend a lot of time scheduling posts, but the content needs to be updated regularly or it becomes repetitive.
    I hope you enjoyed your conference!


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