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Hello, and “WELCOME” to Rave Reviews Book Club Back-To-School Book and Blog Party!

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Here’s what I am giving away today


TWO eBooks of FLOWERS AND STONE (Book 1 of the series)


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I’d like to introduce you to my books and am honored that you stopped by to check them out! First and foremost, my books are true stories (a series of four books) about a veteran Texas Musician, a young girl who loved him and the many twists and turns his/her life took including fifteen years of incarceration in Leavenworth prison.

Today, famed TV personality, Ike The Interviewer, will be conducting an interview with the main character in the books, Luke Stone.  Ike is tall and balding with kind eyes. He is dressed in a casual open front white shirt and slacks.. Luke Stone has silver gray hair, piercing blue eyes and wearing blue jeans, western shirt, boots and hat. 

Ike The Interviewer
Rick Sikes

Ike:  Well, Mr. Stone, we finally get a chance to ask you some personal questions. Thank you for allowing me to interview me.

Luke:  It’s my pleasure.

Ike:   The first question I have for you is this: How do you feel about Jan Sikes telling your story to the world?

Luke chuckles: That little gal has more grit and determination than anyone I’ve ever known. When she sinks her teeth into something, she sees it through to the end. As far as how I feel about it, I think she did a great job. I have to confess though, I think she made me look better on paper than I was in real life.

Ike:  So everything in these four books really happened?

Luke:  Yep. It all happened and a whole lot more that she didn’t tell about.

Ike:  Did you fall in love with Darlina Flowers, or did she fall in love with you?

Luke takes a sip from his water glass: You know I’ve asked myself that same question before and I guess truthfully, it was a mutual falling. She was young and a breath of fresh air to me. I’d been hanging around those ol’ Texas honky-tonks all of my adult life and as you well know, the women who hang around those joints are a different breed. One thing, though, that I’ll never understand is what in the hell she ever saw in me.

Ike:  What do you mean?

Luke:  I was tough back then. I had a reputation for kicking ass and taking names and I got arrogant. I had also grown tired of the merry-go-round I was on, but couldn’t find any way to jump off. I was married and had a house full of kids with a woman I didn’t love and couldn’t stand to be around. I had a band that depended on me to feed them and their families and everyone looked to me to keep the party going. So, I got to a point that I just didn’t care anymore. At least I thought I didn’t care.

Ike:  So, how did Darlina change that?

Luke:  She saw something in me that I could no longer see in myself. She believed in me and my talent as a songwriter and performer. It had been a very long time since anyone gave a damn about me as a person.

Ike:  And, can you tell us why you didn’t divorce your wife and marry her?

Luke:  Damn, how I wanted to. I wanted that more than anything, but I had already gotten too deep into some shit that she didn’t need to be a part of.

Ike: Oh? Can you tell us about that?

Luke:  Well, if you’ve read Jan Sikes’ books, you already know that I got mixed up with some guys that were robbing banks. I can tell you in all honesty that I never went in a bank with a gun and robbed it. But, my reputation had already set the stage for what was about to happen and I was too big and dumb to do anything but barrel into it believing that you couldn’t be convicted of a crime you hadn’t committed. Boy, was I wrong.

Luke becomes pensive:  If only I had met Darlina a couple of years earlier. It would have changed everything.

Ike:  What happened next?

Luke: I stood trial and was railroaded. Because I wouldn’t tell the Texas Rangers and FBI what I knew about the robberies, they threw the book at me. I wound up with 75 years to serve in prison for two separate bank robberies. Luke turns to face the nearest camera. I can honestly say that I never went in a bank with a gun and robbed it.

Ike:  Whew! That’s a long time.

Luke:  You’re telling me. I thought my life was over. I was angry and bitter and rebellious and I hit prison determined to show them that I couldn’t be caged.

Ike:  What happened to Darlina then?

Luke:  That little gal kept on loving me. Damned if I knew why, but she did. I would write letters to her and tell her that she needed to get on with a life and forget about me. She deserved to find somebody that would take care of her and give her a home and children. Oh, she eventually got married, but it didn’t last long. She was what kept me going in prison. I lived for her letters. I could smell her sweet scent on them. She inspired me to become a better person and damned if I didn’t do it.

Ike: I want to delve into your music career when we come back from commercial break, Luke. But first, we have to pay some bills.

Luke: Sounds good, podnah.

Ike:  Don’t go away. We’ll be right back with another segment of the Life of Luke Stone!

Jan Sikes has told this story in a series of four books. It begins with Flowers and Stone when Luke and Darlina meet. Buy it on Amazon for 0.99!


The story continues with The Convict and the Rose.How does a man deal with a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit? After many struggles, he picks himself up, dusts himself off and learns how to be and do positive,  in a very negative place. Darlina, in a prison of her own, agonizes over her loss. This book won Best in Biography Fiction 2015 from the Texas Association of Authors! Buy on Amazon.


When Luke is finally released from prison after almost fifteen years, he heads back to Texas, Darlina and HOME with a heart full of dreams and empty pockets. The trials ahead are severe but they face them together. This book won TWO awards – one for Best General Fiction from the 2016 North Texas Book Festival and one for Best Biography Fiction from the Texas Association of Authors!  Buy on Amazon

Home At Last_3D

As the sand in Luke’s hourglass begins to run thin, he and Darlina grab for every moment, wringing the most out of each one. Buy on Amazon


The Music that accompanies these books:ONLINE_DiscoveryAD

I hope you have enjoyed this short interview with Luke Stone, the main character in these books. I’d be honored if you find them intriguing enough to read!

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to “Like” the post and leave a “Comment” to be entered to win a prize!!


Jan Sikes is a member of THE RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB

122 thoughts on “#RRBC Back-To-School Book & Blog Block Party!

  1. I finally figured out how to get on this post. I love your character interviews. It left me wanting more so I will take another look at your books.


  2. Jan, sorry so late. Your link wasn’t working for me earlier. Outstanding interview! I could picture it in my mind. Congrats on the awards. From what I’ve read you deserved them. Looking forward to reading the first book.


  3. Jan, the interview is such a great way of sharing what the books are about. Loved it. It let’s you wanting more so will need to put you on the ever growing list of must reads.


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