Jem by Michelle Abbott #RRBC

Another amazing Rave Reviews Book Club Author, Michelle Abbott, has written a compelling romance!


The scars of abuse run deep from childhood into adulthood. Jem has those deep scars that he struggles to hide behind fierce anger, violence and brute strength. Never again will he take any abuse from anyone.

He’s had one true friend in life, Devon, whom he called ‘Angel’. She held him and comforted him when he cried or was afraid. She was four years his senior and to a four-year-old who knew nothing but abuse, she was truly that angel.

When he was fourteen years old, he had a red-headed angel tattooed on his arm to always remember her by.

How could he know she would show up in the oceanside town where he lived? And what a disappointment that she didn’t recognize him? In fact, she seemed afraid of the violence she saw him administer. But, somehow he knew that his angel would eventually recognize and love him again.

This is a romance of the deepest kind – from childhood into adulthood. When Devon, Jem’s angel, shows up, running from an abusive boyfriend, fate had to work hard to throw them together. Both are broken in their own ways and desperately need each other without knowing it.

I loved this story and couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end. I couldn’t wait to turn the next page to see what happened next. Of course, I knew they would eventually wind up together, sharing the same love they’d shared as children, but the plot twists along the way kept me reading. This is a great love story from Michelle Abbott and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a character driven story


Michelle Abott is a UK author who writes gritty, slightly dark, new adult romance, with heroes who fight against the odds and are protective of their girl. I recommend my books for ages 17+ due to strong language and sexual scenes.

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