Meet… Rhani D’Chae ~ #RRBC #PUSHTUESDAY winner!

I haven’t read “A Perilous Thirst” yet, but it is sitting on my Kindle! I have, however, read “Shadow of the Drill” by Rhani and it was fabulous!! I still think about the characters in that story!

Jan Hawke INKorporated


As you know by now RRBC has plenty of ways to help support other indie authors. #PushTuesday is one of my personal favourites as I’ve been in this chair several times now and it never fails to give my titles a good shot in the arm for sales and reviews. Today it’s one of my favourite RRBC people’s turn in the barrel, so lets meet Rhani and help support her wonderful short story (hopefully to make it into a longer novella one of these fine days!) A Perilous Thirst.
Now it so happens that I beta read this for Rhani, so I was one of the first to review it for her on Amazon. Here’s what I had to say about it…

In this unusual and entertaining perspective of the vagaries of sexual disease in the gay vampire community, Ms D’Chae’s sophisticated and utterly hubristic narrator spills not a…

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