Guest Author Jan Sikes: Inspiration in Difficult Times

Shared from Fiction by Rachael Ritchey!

Rachael Ritchey

Please welcome Jan Sikes! Jan has written several award-winning stories based on her own life experiences with her husband Rick Sikes. James Richard “Rick” Sikes was born in Texas and at a young age fell in love with writing and performing music.

Here’s a fantastic article/interview from 2001 that you should definitely check out: Outlaw Country from Texas Monthly. He made some poor choices that led him down a path that would forever change his future. But I’ll let Jan tell you more while she talks about one of the inspiring books she’s compiled that highlights the beautiful things that came out of his life:


Jan Sikes:


What makes this poetry and art book different from thousands of others in print?

  • It was written entirely by hand behind the walls of Leavenworth Prison over a span of fifteen years.
  • The artwork is made up of millions of tiny…

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