What I do when I’m not writing

I have two passions in life.

  1. Books – writing and reading
  2. Music – writing, playing, listening – reporting

I recently had the privilege of covering a great music event for Buddy Magazine. The Ranch Bash 2016 took place in Fort Worth, Texas at the Panther Island Pavilion.

First of all, the weather was perfect! This listener appreciation event drew 50,000 or more.


And there were some unexpected surprises!

There’s something very cool about being issued an “All Access” pass. Having the opportunity to visit with artists, take pictures and hear the music from backstage always gives me a great feeling! I’ll share with you a small sampling of pictures from the event.

Do you watch The Voice? This is me with Austin Allsup #TeamBlake!

Here’s a bit of trivia – back in the 60s, Austin Allsup’s father, Tommy Allsup produced several of Rick Sikes’ 45 rpm records.

You never know who or what you’ll find backstage!
Another Voice contestant, Josh Halverson now on #TeamAlicia!
Mr. Dale “The Real Deal” Watson with the Fort Worth skyline behind us.
An amazing soulful artist, Bonnie Bishop. The sun was very bright behind us.
Cody Jinks on stage. You won’t find anyone who puts more into their music than Cody!
Closing the night out with a hug from Cody Jinks!

These are just a few of the artists at Ranch Bash 2016. Music is truly my second love in life! Did I introduce you to some new artists? Check out them and their music. I will never steer you wrong!!

You can read several interviews I’ve done with these artist in the Original Texas Music Magazine, Buddy Magazine.

8 thoughts on “What I do when I’m not writing

  1. What an amazing event, and you look right at home! As you know, I love your voice and your songs. So happy I discovered this expose – belated though it is. 🙂


  2. Looks like a fabulous event, and how awesome that you were able to cover it for Buddy Magazine! Music runs on my mother’s side of the family through my grandfather. My brother has played clubs since his early 20s, but I got absolutely zilch on the music talent side, LOL! Thanks for sharing the photos, Jan!


  3. You never know what ‘All Access’ truly means until you experience it. This time the ‘All Access’ privilege warded me the opportunity to meet a very unique, humble individual … Jan Sikes. Little did I know when I was introduced to Jan, as ‘BTW, this is my friend Jan’ by my good friend, the infamous Tara Bone, did I know who I was truly meeting. Jan you are a remarkable lady so humble in your being. Thank you for the smiles you have brought me by just reading your webpage, Rick’s webpage, and now your blog. Music moves my soul. You can never have enough music, friends and family whom consists of many of my friends. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world through so many vehicles.


    1. Awwww, Betsy, you are making me blush with all of your kind words! Thank you so much and it was such a pleasure to meet you as well. BTW, you book’s in the mail!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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