RRBC Book trailer tour day 2.

The #RRBC Holiday Train Book Trailer Block Party continues with author, Lizzie Chantree!

Lizzie Chantree

trailer-block-party-1Love's Child New Apple Award

Welcome to #RRBC book group and their book trailer tour. For the whole month of November we will be discovering some amazing books by watching the trailers of RRBC authors. Each day there is a prize draw of all the names of the people who watch and comment on the day’s book trailers. You need to watch in full and comment on the actual YouTube trailer to be entered into the prize draw. Further down on this blog, there is a clickable link to my second book Love’s Child, which won the New Apple Award for Mystery.

*How do YouTube visitors enter to win prizes?

*Each time a Block Party Participant or visitor leaves a comment on a YouTube trailer stop, his/her name will be entered into the drawing for our Grand Prizes at the end of the tour; 

*Each time a visitor or Participant leaves a comment on a YouTube…

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