Family – #Thanksgiving

As we head into the holiday season, I want to take a moment to introduce you to my family.

I have two daughters. They are both intelligent, loving and strong women. 

Deva is the oldest of the two. 


She is not only a rock, but a caring and loving mother and wife. And, she has a voice like an angel.

She sings on the latest CD we released, “I’ll Be Home When The Roses Bloom Again.”

Click here to listen.

She has three boys. Ryan is 10, soon to be 11 and is my “tech” go-to guy. Joshua is 7 and loves sports of all kinds. Connor is 2 and without question, the most loving little boy ever born. I often say that he loves me more than the rest of the grandkids, but I know this isn’t true. He just expresses it stronger.


My younger daughter, Crystal, is a mother, wife and attorney. She is the talker of the family. There is never a shortage of words when she is around. She is loving and caring and has an admirable thirst for adventure. Everyone says she looks like me, but I think she is much more beautiful than I’ll ever be.


Crystal has two daughters, Sydney and Samantha. If you follow me on Facebook, you see pictures of them often. They are both beautiful girls. Sydney is 5 years old and a hot mess while Samantha, who is 22 months old, is more laid back. They are each equally awesome in their own way.









Both of my daughters are married to fine men whom I am proud to call son-in-law.

I live within a two mile radius of both girls so get to see the grandkids often. However, it is most difficult to get a picture of me with them all. One or the other of them won’t sit still long enough to snap a picture. 🙂

We recently spent a few days in a cabin in Oklahoma and these two little ones bonded in such a beautiful way.


I am proud of my family and the love we share. Blessed doesn’t come close to a word  big enough to express how I feel.

So, now you’ve met my immediate family. And from my family to yours, I wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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11 thoughts on “Family – #Thanksgiving

  1. What a wonderful way to express your Thanksgiving. Your daughters are definitely as beautiful, inside and out, as you are.Your grandkids are handsome and beautiful. I have only met Ryan and it looks like the others are jut as talented in their own way.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Katherine! I appreciate your kind words and yes, each of the grandkids are unique in their own ways. Ryan is looking forward to the North Texas Book Festival again this next year! 🙂


  2. Beautiful descriptions and feelings of your immediate family members. They are something very special to be proud of. Fantastic pictures and memories for later down the road. Enjoy this beautiful Thanksgiving Day with all the blessings you deserve. LOL


  3. Oh Jan, such a lovely post! Your daughter’s voice is extraordinary – as is yours. Thank you for sharing your loves with all of us who follow you. I will be visiting my crew very soon, and I can’t wait for the hugs and kisses of the little ones. If you ever visit Branson, consider my home yours. ♥


    1. Oh Gwen! You made me tear up with that offering. You are such a kind soul and the earth is blessed to have you walk on it. I promise if I ever have the occasion to come to Branson, you will hear from me! If nothing else, we’ll get together for coffee and hugs. Happy Thanksgiving!


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