Cactus Town, Texas

How does Cactus Town, Texas tie into a Writing and Music blog?

That’s a question I can easily answer. Cactus Town, Texas is a destination spot located just North of San Angelo, Texas on Highway 67 and you’ll find a bit of everything on this Western Preserve from unique and amazing Cacti to Cactus Mike’s Wild West Show.


That is where you’ll find a blend of writing and music.

Cactus Mike has been digging and distributing Cactus across the United States for more than twenty years. He IS the Official Authority on all things Cacti related.

But, when he’s not digging up cactus or hauling a load for delivery, he’s writing poetry and playing Flamenco style guitar.

The Fox TV station in San Angelo recently did this interview with Cactus Mike that is short but interesting.

Fox News

Did you notice the “Hazbin Texas since 1836” sign over the doorway? That came from our old home place in Coleman. 🙂 A bit of history preserved.

If you ever find yourself out in west Texas, make Cactus Town, Texas a destination stop! You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a short sample of part of Cactus Mike’s Wild West Show – Poetry and Guitar.

Cactus Mike at Fort Concho, San Angelo, Texas


7 thoughts on “Cactus Town, Texas

  1. What a great story! Between you and John Howell, I’m learning a lot about the Longhorns state. My experience is limited to driving through Texas and short visits with a cousin here or there. Thank you!


    1. Texas is such a huge state and full of history and unique places everywhere you go. But, that’s true of any place. History is all around us! Cactus Mike is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet in regards to cacti, horticulture and anything related. When I have a health issue, I consult him first! 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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