This word conjures up several different meanings such as ‘code of conduct’ or the ‘code’ to a safe, but for this blog, I want to look at programming ‘code.’

Isn’t it amazing that by stringing together symbols, numbers, characters and letters, we can get beautiful images like these? They are so lifelike that you can almost hear the roar of the waterfall or feel the gentle touch of the butterfly lighting on your finger.



It fascinates me!

In my new novel, When Two Worlds Collide, the protagonist, Jag Peters,  is a computer programmer. He spends his days writing code, but never unlocking the one leading to his own happiness.  He lives a settled life with few bumps in his road until he almost collides with Rena Jett and her candy-apple-red Harley. Rena carries deep scars from a lifetime of abuse and hides it behind a dark scowl and sharp tongue. It is a story about opposites with much to learn from each other and, of course, to fall in love with little hope of ever meshing their two worlds. Add in a paranormal aspect and it is shaping up to be a powerful story.

So, the next time you see a GIF like these, or play a computer game, think about the mile-long code it took to create it.

Computer Code HTML

Have you unlocked your own code to life? Have an AWESOME weekend!


A unique and entertaining series filled withPassion, Crime, Redemption, Second chances and inspiration.png


16 thoughts on “Code

  1. Oh my gosh, Jan! This is so exciting and the storyline is intriguing, indeed! Those images are just beautiful…I’m in constant fascination of what people can do with computers. Thanks for sharing and best wishes on your upcoming release! I’m off to spread the word. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful images Jan. You’re new book When Two World Collide sounds really intriguing. My cousin writes code and designs her own websites, which are amazing. It’s such an intricate and specialised world to jump into.

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  3. Those images are beautiful and When Two Worlds Collide sounds fascinating…especially with a addition of a paranormal twist. I’m looking forward to learning more about Jag and Rena!


  4. Beautiful post, Jan. Writing code has always seemed the most boring job in the world to me. I would never have the patience, yet it’s very creative. I never realized that until today. And we do write code for our lives in our hopes and dreams ever reaching toward our goal. Each decision, each choice has power to change our lives–sometimes for the better but sometimes for the worse when it doesn’t work out.

    Wishing you a happy writing day, sister!


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