Ah, The World of Blogging

Who knew there was such a tight knit group to be found through blogging? I am just starting to realize the sense of community that rests within the world of bloggers. They share each other’s posts on social media, re-blog and comment almost daily.

Blogs in blue

So, I thought about it. As a reader, what do I want to see in a blog?

For starters, I don’t often read a long blog. I prefer short and to the point. So, if it’s long, I’ll skim through, but won’t read it word-for-word.


I like visuals that accompany the blog.


Interesting subjects, ideas or philosophies always catch my attention.

What can I learn from the blog?

Will the blog enhance my life in any way or simply entertain me? I’m good with both things, but it must accomplish at least one of them.


I love meeting new authors through blogs and can honestly say that I’ve ordered books simply by reading a guest blog from an author I’d never heard of. Yep, that has happened, Andrew Joyce.


I follow lots of blogs and again, just being honest here, I prefer the blogs that only post once per day. When I get a Daily Digest from a blogger and see five or more blogs posted, I’ll skim the titles to see if anything draws my interest. I’m sure I’ve missed some great stuff by doing that, but I simply don’t have the time to read each one.

So, what are your preferences about blogs? I’d love to hear from you. Be honest!!


23 thoughts on “Ah, The World of Blogging

  1. Agreed, overall. I prefer shorter posts too. But short for me is anything that doesn’t drag on. Haha. Also depends on my mood and energy. I like visuals on the blog post but I don’t mind without. Maybe something at the start to set the tone of the post would be nice.

    As far as my blog goes, I’d say they’re usually short (maybe not super short, but yeah). Maximum of 1200 words or so, but usually shorter (say less than 900). I do use more visuals in some posts, but I usually stick with a featured image + pic at the top of my post.

    If you find it interesting, my blog’s about self-development & creative content (poems, stories, etc). Do give it a look if you’re into that here: revitellect.wordpress.com


  2. Thanks for sharing your blog preferences. Agreed overall. I’m not a big reader, so shorter posts are nice. But when it comes to blogs, short for me is just something that doesn’t go on and on. Visuals are a nice touch if they have them, but I don’t mind without.

    As far as my blog goes, I guess I’d say they’re short (not like super short but yeah). I do use pictures in-between the blog post here and there, but so far, I mostly do with just a picture at the start.

    Yeah, I like the community here too. You get people you can relate with and have great ideas. 🙂

    If you’d like to check out my blog, it’s about self-development through knowledge & creative content (poems or stories). Do have a look if you’re into that 😀 revitellect.wordpress.com


  3. Jan, time and wringing the most out of it each day is crucial to me. I confess that if a blog is too long I won’t read it. I need short blogs that don’t ramble. They need to be interesting and have pictures. Yours are always great! Love you, sis!


  4. Jan, we sound much alike in our preference for blog posts. I like the shorter ones (unless the topic is off the charts), and I like visuals to balance it out. I also prefer blogs that only post once a day.We’re all so crazy busy, it’s hard to keep up with those that post multiple times. Also, like you, I have bought books from authors I’m unfamiliar with based solely on a blog post. And like you, I love the network among the blogging community and the friendships I’ve made through that community….like you! 🙂 Have an awesome day!


  5. Unlike my good friend, John Howell, I can’t write the funny stories he comes up with. I like to write inspirational pieces about inspiring quotes and short, futuristic drama stories. Thanks for this interesting post, Jan!


  6. I seek out original content. I reblog things to support others, but prefer to read something by the owner of the blog. I try to mix things up between my writing, a slice of life on occasion, and helping other authors.


  7. I love blogs that give great information whether history related, a really great family story, or an inspirational story.


  8. Excellent post, Jan. I would add I hate to see any more than 600 words. Sure if the subject is dynamite and runs long I’ll stick with it. If the blog is long and has a diatribe flavor. . . good night nurse. My posts are pure entertainment. I do feature others but my original content does not purport to elicit anything but a laugh. Thanks for asking.


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