Profound and Inspiring #RRBC Book Review




This memoir is one of heartbreak, discovery and inspiration. Gwen Plano takes us with her on a journey back to her childhood and the tragedies that struck the family on to her search for love and a family of her own. Little did she know the abuse that she’d suffer before she found redemption.

Redemption through unorthodox ways and sheer determination brought her through. I loved taking this journey with Gwen and related on so many different levels. From following her husband to Japan in search of truth and enlightenment to the dark depths of abuse that no human should have to tolerate, she had me captured. I cried with her when the abuse reached her children. I cheered for her when she found the strength to walk away.

This is a story that will give anyone on their journey through life something inspiring, something to believe in and something to carry with them. There are so many lines throughout the book that stayed with me. This is only one example of the depth and insight Gwen Plano shares through her own experiences. “Deep within each of us, there is a well of love ­­― a place of wholeness, a place of completeness. This sacred well is alive with wisdom and tenderness.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking truth, love and wholeness.


Gwen is a member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB and a RAVE WAVES Blog Talk Radio host.

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19 thoughts on “Profound and Inspiring #RRBC Book Review

      1. I have never disliked any book I’ve fingered or palmed. Each one culminates in blood, sweat, and tears. ❤ ❤ ❤ Getting around to them all is the problem. I hope heaven has a great library so I cat catch up. ❤


      2. I totally understand the problem. My kindle is bursting at the seams! 🙂 I love to read and love the idea that heaven has a great library. I’m not sure about posting reviews from heaven. 🙂 Amazon might reject them.


  1. A great review of Gwen’s book, Jan. I thought it was exceptional as well. So very difficult to read in parts, but such a profound uplifting message overall. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh my goodness, Jan, I just saw your review and your post. I am so humbled and very grateful. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and gracious comments. I am overwhelmed. With warmest regards ~ Gwen


    1. Gwen, your book was such an uplifting story. I realized as I read all the different spiritual avenues you’ve taken in life, that we’ve journeyed some of the same ones. 🙂 I have been practicing meditation since the 70s and am also a Reiki Master. (I read that part in the About The Author). It was a joy to read your story and especially for me at this particular time. But, isn’t that always how the Universe works? Just when we need a boost, it comes from somewhere. Amazing life. Amazing journey!! Hugs!


    1. This was an amazing story of a woman’s journey through an abusive relationship and into a place of peace and love. It inspired and moved me. Thank you for stopping by, Tonya!


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