A Texas Love Story by Gwen Plano

When a fellow author spends the time and energy to post a blog about my books, I am thrilled, honored and humbled.

And that’s exactly what Gwen Plano did for me. Read her blog here.

A million and one thanks to this amazing lady who I met through the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB!  

I never imagined I could find a community of people who support and uplift each other like this and I treasure each relationship I’ve built through the club.



7 thoughts on “A Texas Love Story by Gwen Plano

  1. Ooh, how nice. I’m off to read Gwen’s blog now. I finished the Luke and Darlina series last week and posted reviews on Amazon. Those characters and your story are still swirling around inside my head.


  2. I read this series by Jan Sikes this last year and was totally blown away. She captivated me with this love story. Jan you deserve all the recognition you are receiving. Love you and love your series.


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