President’s Message: Beginning Your “BETTER” Journey! #RRBC

The RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB President speaks on making 2017 the year of BETTER! Read and be inspired. I was.


Welcome to the 2nd edition of THE RRBC PIPELINE Magazine!  2017 has been deemed RRBC Year of Better!  This is the year that we are committing to better living, better goals, better successes, and simply put…better in all areas of our lives!  We are dedicated to putting our best foot forward, so that the outcome in every situation we are faced with, comes out BETTER.

Since RRBC is a community of mostly writers, let’s lend strong focus this month in that area.  Let’s commit to becoming BETTER writers.  Some of us are truly amazing in that department, and should consider yourself blessed, if you’re in that number.   But, for those of us who struggle, but want to also reach that same level of success, let us stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us…struggled before us, and who now stand, holding a place for our…

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