To Celebrate Valentine’s Week!

This is something I rarely do, but in honor of Valentine’s Week, I have made HOME AT LAST free on Amazon Kindle!

Home At Last_3D

With empty pockets, a heart full of love, and hope for a new beginning, Luke leaves behind the horrors of prison and embraces a bright future. In this book, he and Darlina are finally united after fifteen long years apart. Their tenacious love is what carries them through struggles that seem insurmountable.  Journey with them as they learn to live as one unit, facing difficulties head-on. Lessons learned the hard way and belief in their undying love is their strength!

An epic love story.

Get your copy today! CLICK HERE

AND, I’d be thrilled and honored if you’d pick up the music CD that accompanies this book. I’ll Be Home When The Roses Bloom Again” is a compilation of songs from the heart of Rick and Jan Sikes.



18 thoughts on “To Celebrate Valentine’s Week!

  1. I loved this entire series, here’s my review for this book. Get it if you haven’t:
    “The constant North Star of their undying love had carried them over insurmountable obstacles.” It will again!
    After 15 years in prison, Luke Stone is Home At Last.
    Although Luke’s transition back into civilian life wasn’t easy for him, Darlina, and their two girls, they never gave up believing in second chances and living life to the fullest through all their hard work and endeavors. Many heartaches, losses, and struggles met them head on, but for Luke and Darlina there wasn’t any mountain to high for them to scale.
    Come take a journey into The Stone’s life after they were finally re-united as a family.
    Jan Sikes, Home At Last is touching, gripping, and will leave you knowing that true love does conquer all.


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