Do what you love!


I am thrilled it when inspirations come out of the blue. I have a feeling I will get lots of them living in my new place. But, I digress.

The thought I had was this, “Do what you love. Love what you do.”

“How?” you ask.

We all have to do things in life to put food on our tables that we aren’t particularly fond of, such as going to a thankless job. Maybe your boss is a jerk. Or perhaps your  daily commute is grueling. There could be a myriad of negatives about the things we must do to survive.

But…instead of focusing on the negatives, what if we sought out the positives and focused on them instead. So, your boss is a jerk, but the receptionist that greets you each morning is always full of sunshine and smiling. And, yes, the daily commute is grueling, but what about that cool audio book you managed to read in a week just sitting in traffic? Or how about that awesome new song that came on the radio and made you turn up the volume?


Sometimes, it’s the little things. Maybe there aren’t any big positives to what you do that you can grasp, but as a wise man once said, “Littles make bigs.” By finding ways to love what we do, we free ourselves to do things we truly love. Writers find more time to write. Songwriters find time to compose new melodies. Families spend more time playing and less time arguing. It’s the proverbial domino effect.

By focusing on the aspects of life that we do love and less on the parts we don’t, the world instantly becomes a better place in which to live.


Hugs, light and love sent to you.




11 thoughts on “Do what you love!

  1. Nice perspective. Liked how you also pointed out the other side of the quote: sometimes you can do what you love, but other times you have to do things you generally don’t, but can learn to love because of the positive aspects within it.

    I think our impression of things often stems from a myopic focus: we either look at only the good or only the bad. So when you only see something negatively, developing a fair estimation of that thing instead can help you get through it with more vitality & understanding.


  2. If only more people could learn to live by this. Thank you for the reminder.

    Happy Monday, Betsy ☺

    P.S. – hope to see you at Outlaws and Legends.


  3. What a great way to look at things, Jan. Dig deep and there is always something of pleasure and light in almost all that we do. This was an exceptional reminder, and a treasure I will tuck away to carry each day when hurdles rear their heads!


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