Indie Authors, Need a place to call home? #RRBC

It is not often in life that I find a group or organization which actually does what it proclaims to. In fact, as an Indie Author seeking ways to help promote my books, I have been ripped off more than once. (I’m sure you can all agree with that.)

So, when I stumbled up on the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, I had my doubts. Words like “promote, propel and uplift,” caught my eye, but didn’t convince me. But, hoping for more reviews for my first two books, I joined.


I must say that for the first year, I didn’t participate much. I read the required four books and wrote reviews. I tweeted and re-tweeted. I read the Weekly Club Updates and pretty much sat on the sidelines.

Then, as I watched other members of the club begin to garner the kind of recognition and promotion that led to more reviews for their books, I decided to get off the fence and jump on in.

Results? Amazing! I got a guest spot on one of the RAVE WAVES Blog Talk Radio shows, my third book, Home At Last, was chosen as a Book of the Month and things really took off. Sales jumped. I got more reviews, I had people start following my blog and I moved up the rankings both on Google and Amazon. And that was with only one book spotlight.

Since then, I’ve been a #PUSHTUESDAY winner, participated in a large number of blog tours, attended an amazing virtual RRBC Writer’s Conference and Book Expo, won multiple awards, am now co-hosting a RAVE WAVES blog talk radio show and have more followers than ever before.

Featured Image -- 3343  conference-badge-1-1   trailer-block-party-1 BTR-BTP Badge

And I have been accepted into the RAVE WRITER’S – INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF AUTHORS which was founded for the sole purpose of introducing the world to some of the TOP Indie Authors!


The RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is a community of authors, editors, publishers and readers who have one goal and passion in life and that is to lift others. The President of RRBC, Nonnie Jules, says that you can only rise as high as you are willing to lift someone else. It seems like reverse psychology, doesn’t it? But, I do know it works. By promoting other authors, you are in turn, promoted. What a philosophy!! And I have found that it bleeds over into every day life.

Rise by lifting others

So, if you are an Indie Author struggling to float the river alone, I invite you to join the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB and let others help you. BUT, you must do your part or else you’ll see no results. It is NOT a place to simply list your books and sit back to wait for the reviews to come rolling it. You must GIVE to GET!

If you think this is a fit for you, take a look. You have to list the person who referred you to the club and that would be me, Jan Sikes. 🙂 See you in #RRBC land!!


16 thoughts on “Indie Authors, Need a place to call home? #RRBC

  1. Jan, you have so eloquently captured the basis and spirit of this wonderful organization. Shared your piece on Twitter. Thank you and a special thanks to the lady who had the vision to found this incredible Club, our President, Nonnie.


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