Author Linda Broday Featured on USA Today!

Some of my readers may know and some may not know that Linda Broday is my sister. When she called and told me she was going to be a featured author on USA Today’s Happy Ever After, I jumped for joy!

She has a new release, Texas Redemption, which is a historical romance set in deep East Texas where Cypress trees grow so tall you can’t see the tops and where Alligator swish through the dark waters.

Originally released in 2005, Linda was thrilled when Sourcebooks chose to re-issue it.


This book is special to me for two reasons. First and foremost, it’s a great story about two men (brothers) who both love the same woman. Secondly, she wrote it shortly after she was diagnosed with MS and then lost her husband.

She inspires me because she never gives up! When the doctors told her that she had MS, she quickly tagged it “Mighty Spirit,” and that truly describes her.

Here is the link to the USA Today feature.

Back Cover Blurb for Texas Redemption:

Desperate to escape her dark past, Laurel James agrees to wed the mayor of a small East Texas town. With him, life will be quiet, respectable. Safe. It should be everything she ever wanted.

And it is. Until Shenandoah rides back into town.

Shenandoah never thought he would find the woman he’s loved and lost…and he certainly never dreamed she’d be pledged to his brother. He knows he should step aside—he has nothing to offer a woman like Laurel James—but the moment their eyes meet, Shenandoah is lost. He can only find peace in her arms…but can redemption be more than a dream for a man who has known nothing but war?

Intrigued? Linda is doing a Goodreads Giveaway until February 19th. Click here to enter.

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President’s Message: Beginning Your “BETTER” Journey! #RRBC

The RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB President speaks on making 2017 the year of BETTER! Read and be inspired. I was.


Welcome to the 2nd edition of THE RRBC PIPELINE Magazine!  2017 has been deemed RRBC Year of Better!  This is the year that we are committing to better living, better goals, better successes, and simply put…better in all areas of our lives!  We are dedicated to putting our best foot forward, so that the outcome in every situation we are faced with, comes out BETTER.

Since RRBC is a community of mostly writers, let’s lend strong focus this month in that area.  Let’s commit to becoming BETTER writers.  Some of us are truly amazing in that department, and should consider yourself blessed, if you’re in that number.   But, for those of us who struggle, but want to also reach that same level of success, let us stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us…struggled before us, and who now stand, holding a place for our…

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A Texas Love Story by Gwen Plano

When a fellow author spends the time and energy to post a blog about my books, I am thrilled, honored and humbled.

And that’s exactly what Gwen Plano did for me. Read her blog here.

A million and one thanks to this amazing lady who I met through the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB!  

I never imagined I could find a community of people who support and uplift each other like this and I treasure each relationship I’ve built through the club.



The Rave Awards! #RRBC

#RRBC Award winners announced!! Congrats to all of the winners.

Entertaining Stories

The limousine pulled into a row of other limos. Lisa Burton* sat across from me in the back. A four-hundred pound man sat next to me in a tux. “Why is he here again?”

“Don’t worry about him,” Lisa said. “He’s from Harry Winston, and he comes with the diamonds. I have to give them all back after the program.”

“That’s too bad. They look really nice.” We pulled forward a few car lengths, and I asked him to let me out.

“What are you doing? You’ll miss the red carpet.”

“That’s the idea. I’m slipping in the back, grabbing a beer, and meeting you at our table. You’re the spokesmodel. It’s your job to take this bullet for me.”

“You’re such a baby. Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

I wound my way to our table and sat where my name card indicated. The room filled up as Lisa wound…

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