Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Book Reading and Interview – Sue Vincent

Meet author extraordinaire, Sue Vincent! And don’t miss the amazing poem at the bottom of the post.

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Sally's Cafe and BookstoreWelcome to this week’s Book Reading and Interview that features the authors on the shelves of Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. After setting the cafe up last year I intend now to use as the focal point for all book promotions here on Smorgasbord. Once in the cafe, authors can be updated in the twice weekly posts with their new releases and also excellent reviews… but they can now also do a book reading and interview as they might do in a real bookstore.

This is intended to be an interactive interview with you the reader and it would be wonderful if you could therefore ask guests your questions in the comments section.

Sue Vincent

My guest today is Sue Vincent who has supported my blogging and writing efforts almost from the beginning of my life here online. Very supportive of other writers, you will find guest posts as well as wonderful features…

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5 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Book Reading and Interview – Sue Vincent

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging, Jan…though spiritualist is perhaps not entirely accurate 😉 It would have been, had my grandparents had theeir way, though; they wanted me trained as a medium long ago 🙂


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