I was born with a bit of Gypsy blood in me. I love to travel. I not only enjoy seeing our beautiful planet, but the history that carved this land fascinates me.

I left home on Friday (yes, only three days ago) to travel to Atlanta to attend the huge Romantic Times Convention. Along the way, my sister and I got to stay in a bed and breakfast that is 141 years old in Vicksburg. (RRBCers, notice the shirt I’m wearing.)

That evening we dined at a rooftop restaurant in Vicksburg and this is a aerial shot of the Mississippi River.


The next day we visited the old cemetery in Vicksburg. The intricate carvings caught my eye.


The rows and rows of graves that stretched for miles brought tears to my eyes. So many lives lost in the bloody civil war. Will we ever learn? I prayed to God to forgive the ignorance of humans. I’ll never understand the need to destroy each other.

Then we moved on to the Vicksburg Military Park where the magnitude of this battle was nothing short of overwhelming. This picture is only one part of the battle. At times, the opposing forces were no more than ten feet away from each other and could carry on conversations. They were just soldiers doing what they’d been told to do by the powers that be.

20170429_115736 The soldiers dug tunnels to escape the Mississippi heat. I wanted a closer look but it was roped off.


Then we moved on to Meridian, Mississippi, the birthplace of Jimmie Rodgers in hopes of touring the museum. We got there too late so we are hoping to catch it on the way back home.


Now on to the conference. I know it is going to be overwhelming, but I will soak up as much information as I possibly can and hope to network with other authors. Such an amazing opportunity and I am thankful to be here! More to come!!

11 thoughts on “Travels

  1. I’d love to make a trip like that. So many things that interest me. My grandmother was a huge Jimmy Rogers fan, and she used to play his music on her 78 rpm records for us.


    1. He was the forefather of modern music. His fascination with trains came out in lots of his songs that are still sung today. We will try and make the museum on the way back to Texas.

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  2. Jan- wonderful pictures and what a wonderful way for you and Linda to enjoy some much needed sisterly fun. You have fun at the RT and I hope you catch the Jimmie Rodger’s museum open when you return toward the great state of Texas. Have fun and safe travels.


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