I live in an apartment complex that sits in the heart of the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) metroplex. It is one of the largest metroplexes in the state and possibly even the United States.

So, in the midst of all of that, this guy decides to land on my balcony this morning around 7 am. It’s 10:30 and he’s still there.


A regal creature, I estimate that he measures around 20″ from tip to tail. He just sits and watched every movement below and around him. Occasionally, a mother Mockingbird lands on a railing across from him and fusses at the top of her lungs. He casually ignores her.

While he is a hunter and there are baby rabbits all around the complex, I take his presence to mean something deeper.

At least fifteen years ago or more, I received a gift of Animal Medicine Cards along with a book. I have used it often through life’s ups and downs, seeking guidance and deeper understanding.


When I pulled my Animal Totem Cards so many years ago, Hawk was one of my Totem Animals.

So, the fact that he’s here today tells me there is a message.

Here is what I know:

The hawk’s gifts include clear-sightedness, being observant, long distance memory, messages from the universe, guardianship, recalling past lives, courage, wisdom, illumination, seeing the bigger picture, creativity, truth, experience, wise use of opportunities, overcoming problems, magic, focus.

So, as my brother, the Hawk, sits on my balcony, it gives me pause to look inside and search for hidden messages all around me.

I burnt incense and did a meditation to honor this beautiful messenger bird.


What about you? Do you think animals can carry messages from other worlds? Do you have a special connection with an animal that you consider to be spiritual?

29 thoughts on “Hawk

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to be up close to such a regal bird! Where we are, there are a number of hawks and owls. I love seeing them around, from perching atop telephone poles to chasing pigeons. As for animal totems, I love the idea of animal spirits guiding us. You and some of the commenters have given me a few titles I’m putting on my TBR list. Thanks for a great post and sharing pics of that beautiful hawk 🙂


  2. I agree animals are our totem creatures and have been present in all our ancestral cosmologies. I have some wonderful books about the animal spirits and their meanings. I have recently read Masters of the Living Energy as research for the book I’m writing now. This is the cosmology of the Q’ero tribe in Peru who are the descendants of the Inca. For them the mountains themselves are living gods. The Hawk is a majestic creature – how fortunate you had him perched by you and sharing his vision.

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    1. Thank you, Luna. I too have several books on Animal Spirits and their meanings and refer to them often. I love the concept of the Q’ero people seeing the mountains themselves as living gods. They truly get the truth that everything is energy! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  3. What a regal bird to pay you a call, Jan! I have a special affinity for cats, but also birds. I have a trunk novel in which birds and their meanings factor highly in several of the character’s lives. Very cool post!


    1. How awesome, Mae. Yes, I love seeing the pictures of your kitties. I’m highly allergic to them, but had one for close to twenty years before she died. Maybe your trunk novel will see its way to the light of day! 🙂

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  4. Jan, I think he’s come to tell you to add a messenger bird to the story you’re writing. It would fit perfectly with your hero who believes very strongly about the metaphysical and omens. Is he still there today?


  5. How wonderful. Recently a cardinal has been hanging around my home, by the blooming gardenia bush. That was my mom’s favorite plant. That cardinal has a connection to my mom somehow. She has been gone 17 years, but the cardinal seems to have a specific reason for hanging where it does.


  6. Oh, Jan. I love the photo and the description of the hawk’s gifts. There are many hawks in our area, but we’ve never one land on our deck. What a gift! Enjoy the messages, the magic…of this beautiful creature. ♥


    1. Thank you, Gwen. I’ve tried to be extra perceptive to any and everything around me that could be interpreted as a message. I got this line from a song on the radio and it’s PERFECT for the story I’m writing: “I never meant to love you, but it’s too late now.” 🙂 So simple, but so profound and fitting! Hugs, and glad you stopped by.


  7. I have the same book and cards. I’ve used it many times. For me it is red tailed hawks, lady bugs, and spiders that send reminders..but
    I feel a connection to dolphins, cats and wolves, too. Sometimes it takes a while before I notice. Beautiful and personal message you received. So glad you shared this and reminded us to pay attention.


    1. Thank you for your awesome comment, D.L. I have used the cards for years. I have others that I go to for quick guidance, but I always come back to these. Maybe that was the Hawk’s purpose today…just to remind us to be aware and see what is around us.


  8. How beautiful and amazing! Hawks have always been my favorite birds and tigers my favorite animal. I do believe in animals being able to protect and communicate with us. My Siamese cat would come into my office while I provided counseling for clients. Twice he hissed at two of them (both men) and since it was there first time, I was on special alert. Interesting neither of them ever came back for follow-up sessions.
    Would love to sit down with you and talk and talk!!


    1. Absolutely, Karen! Animals can sense things in people that we often overlook. I feel the same with babies or young children. If they are immediately frightened by someone, more than likely, they are seeing something that we can’t. Yes, I’d love to sit with you and TALK!! Hugs, sweet friend and thanks for stopping by.


  9. I think this is a great sign, Jan. Your totem is there to give you wisdom. Perhaps you are contemplating something and your totem can help you through the maze. It is a joyous thing.


  10. I’ve posted about such things before. You may have seen my connection with bald eagles. It may seem silly, but the observant will notice some things that can’t be explained.


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