Knight On The Texas Plains – Linda Broday

Knight On The Texas Plains has come full circle for USA Today and NY Times Bestselling author, Linda Broday.

Her first published book is being re-released by Sourcebooks Casablanca and is receiving early RAVE reviews!


Romantic Times 4 ½ Stars TOP PICK!

“The instant a sweet baby girl, an abused woman, a stray dog, and a reluctant hero meet, readers are drawn into a tender and tough love story that touches many emotions and will have them believing in the healing power of love. Beauty and warmth spring from the pages as the quiet strength and grace of the characters capture readers’ heart and bring that deep sigh they crave.”

Publishers Weekly loved the story!

In Broday’s strong first Texas Heroes historical romance, a marriage of necessity develops into genuine love in 19th-century Texas. Duel McClain has little to live for until he wins a baby girl in a poker game. The same night, a bloodied, bruised, frantic woman, Jessie Foltry, rushes into his camp and begs for help. Duel pledges his protection and offers to take her back home to his family’s ranch in Tranquility if she’ll help raise his unexpected daughter. Once settled, she admits to having killed her abusive husband. To help keep her past a secret, Jessie and Duel stage a quickie marriage, but hiding her crime gets more complicated when Duel’s younger brother, Texas Ranger, Luke, comes looking for the fugitive husband-killer. Broday has a knack for capturing the hesitations of both Duel and Jessie and unfurling a twisting plot without resorting to melodrama. Through carefully deployed flashbacks, she slowly exposes the horrors of Jessie’s marriage, culminating in a truly grisly image of depravity without overwhelming the tender love story. Fans of historical romances will be pleased.

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Duel McClain lifted the whiskey glass and let the fiery elixir slide down his throat. The burning path brought an odd sort of relief, momentarily dulling the permanent ache in his belly. The dealer slapped three cards in front of him. Duel took his time picking them up. A baby, whimpering at the men’s feet, unraveled the tightly knit threads of his composure. How could he concentrate with that?

A glance at the first card revealed an ace of spades. He stuck it between the eight of hearts and the two of clubs in his hand. Then he turned over an eight of diamonds. A pair might take the hefty pot in the middle of the table—that is, if he cared enough to try. Shielding his last card from the curious eyes of his opponents, he lifted it slowly. An ace of clubs.

His blood turned to ice.

Aces and eights—the deadman’s hand.

A resigned calm welled up. If lady luck rode with Duel tonight, the only space he’d take up would be on Boot Hill.

Something brushed the leg of his trousers. An animal must have sneaked under the swinging batwing doors and beneath the table. The baby’s sniffling grew louder. Tiny hands gripped his leg getting his attention. What in blue blazes? He leaned down. The baby had crawled to him and now tugged, trying to pull itself upright. Thin and dirty, the child stared up at him and he fought against the protective urge that rose at the sight of tears glistening in the kid’s big brown eyes.

“Up the bet, mister, or fold.”

The dealer broke his trance. Duel pitched two bits onto the pile. He just wanted to get this over with and leave. One by one each opponent around the table tossed down their cards in defeat until just two remained in the game—him and the stranger. The baby gurgled and played with the fringe running the length of Duel’s leg.

He shifted in his seat, feeling as if a gang of horse thieves had staked him out in a red-ant bed. If he had a lick of sense he’d fold and get the hell out. Deadman’s hand be damned.

A smug expression drifted across the face of the babe’s father when Duel closed up his cards, intending to lay them down.

Revulsion made Duel ache to smash the stranger’s jaw. Instead, he reached into his pocket for six bits—all that he possessed. He hesitated for only a split second, glancing down at the filthy child who deserved more out of life than the sorry-assed father it had gotten. Then he shifted his gaze, savoring the look of surprise on his opponent’s face when he placed his bet.

The sour-faced weasel had been ready to reach for the pot, sure he’d won. His face colored. He was reduced to turning each of his pockets inside out for more coins. None came to light.

“Whatcha gonna do, Will? Either come up with more or Duel here wins.” The dealer’s impatience grew.

“Hold your horses.” The man named Will leaned down. “Gal, where’d you go? Git your useless hide over here to your pa. Don’t know why I didn’t drown you when you was born.”

So, the child was a girl. Duel reached down and drew her up.

The weasel snatched the girl by one fragile arm. “Tryin’ to steal my daughter?”

Ignoring the question and the loud wails that came from the child, Duel leaned forward to scoop up his winnings.

“Not so fast, mister.” Will sat the baby in the middle of the table. “I’m puttin’ up this here brat. She’s worth six bits, I reckon. You win an’ you got yourself a young’un.”

“I won’t gamble with a man’s flesh and blood,” Duel said.

The dealer frowned. “The bet’s proper, I say. Let’s get on with it. Show your cards, Will.”

Tears ran down the baby girl’s face leaving white trails amid the filth. For a split second, Duel wished he held more than the lousy two pair, wished he could alter the hands of fate. But he’d never been able to change it before. What made him think he could now? He’d spent a lifetime making choices, and most had turned out wrong.

“Quit your sniveling, you brat,” Will snapped at the child as he flipped his cards face up. Two pair also. Kings and deuces.

Quiet calm washed over Duel. He gave the group a wintry smile and revealed his hand.

“Aces n’ eights. Beats your pair, Will. Done in by the Deadman’s hand.” The dealer straightened his silk vest and poured himself a generous drink.

Duel stuffed the coins from the pot into his pockets. What on God’s earth did a man like him need with a babe? The girl had stuck a thumb in her mouth and sucked noisily on it between whimpers. He’d sooner grow wings and fly than take on the responsibility for another human being. The best thing would be to saunter out the door.

“Ain’t you forgettin’ something, mister?” Will’s nasty snarl whipped the stale air like a thin, razor-sharp piece of leather.

Much as he sympathized with the babe’s lot, he couldn’t accept her. “Take her home to her maw. Don’t have any need for a kid.”

Will grabbed his daughter’s sparse hair and pulled her small face next to his own. Ignoring her sharp cries, he yelled, “Ain’t got no maw. See there, Marley Rose. Ain’t no one wants you. You’re about as worthless as one of them Confederate greenbacks. Ain’t never goin’ to be any good for nothin’. Any o’ you cowpokes wanna buy a snot-nosed brat? Sell her cheap.”

Duel found himself reaching for the scared, helpless babe. “Changed my mind. Believe I’ll take what I won.” Tiny hands clung tightly to the neck of his collarless shirt as he strode for the door before he could backtrack.

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19 thoughts on “Knight On The Texas Plains – Linda Broday

  1. This is wonderful news! Congratulations and best wishes for continued success, Linda! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Jan! How lovely that two sisters share the passion and gift for writing and can celebrate these prized moments together. Cheers to you both! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie. Jan and I love talking books and we critique each other’s pages. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t bounce ideas off Jan. This is an amazing , wonderful life.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for stopping by, Natalie. I can’t imagine not having my sister to bounce ideas off of and talk through difficult scenes and plot points. She is an amazingly talented writer and beautiful person!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mae. This is so special since it is a re-issue of her very first published book. She had submitted this book in a writing contest sponsored by Kensington. But, when they read the manuscript, they called her and told her they were pulling it from the contest and offered her a publishing contract. 🙂 You can imagine – she was on Cloud 9!! And now, it’s being re-issued! So happy for her. Again, thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Wow that’s a wonderful story. I’m so glad they pulled it and published it. And as they say.. “The rest is history!!!”

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Mae!! I’m very happy to see you. It thrilled me when Sourcebooks decided to re-release this and the two after it. It had been a while since they were in print. The old is new again. This story has a special place in my heart. And I’m happy to announce that Sourcebooks let me write the third book of the series to finish it out after not getting to years ago. Book 3 is the baby’s story when she’s all grown up. She learns she was won in a poker game and it knocks her legs out from under her.
      Big hugs!

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  2. I read this book several years ago and it has remained in my heart ever since. This book is phenomenal!!!!
    Knight on The Texas Plains will weave a stitch in your heart that will remain forever. Linda Broday has a way of delivering a story that you will never forget. Duel, Jessie, & Marley Rose are unforgettable and you will forever believe in the miracle of Love, Fate and The power of giving. This books is a remarkable story that will stay with you long after you finish.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Tonya. I’ve always said Knight On The Texas Plains was my favorite – that was until the Men of Legend came along. They gave Duel some competition. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Your comments are always appreciated!


      1. Jan- I agree, Knight on The Texas Plains is such a special book. I loved Linda’s Bachelor Series too, especially Brett. But I have to say her Men Of Legends Series are definitely what “Legends” are made of. So, yes they are giving Duel a run for his money, but I wouldn’t count him out yet, after all he did win the “best prize” at that poker game.

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    2. Tonya, thank you so much for coming over. You came even with a sore tooth. You told me way back how much you liked this story and how it stays with you. Several other readers have said the same thing. I’m wondering if I can ever beat it. I guess we’ll see. Love you, lady!

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  3. Thank you so much for posting, Jan. I want readers of your blog to know that I have a Goodreads giveaway. Enter to win one of 5 copies of the book. Here’s the link: — the giveaway ends on August 1st on the book release date. Thanks again for spreading the word about this book. I’m really thrilled to have it out in print again. This story is timeless and as you know was inspired by a true event from our childhood when our neighbor’s daughter told us she was won in a poker game–and we found it was true. How she hated the man and woman who had her, but mostly the man who was a sorry drunk. Tears ran down Juanita’s face when she told me one day she’d find her real parents and ask them why they didn’t love her.

    Love you, sister!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. So sorry I forgot to include the Goodreads Giveaway. I’ve added it now. Yes, I remember how unhappy poor Juanita was, although the lady who took care of her seemed to love her. Just an unimaginable thing that really did happen. Hope you get lots of new readers through this book!! Love you!


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