Hate The Sin

Back in another lifetime, I was a songwriter. It was a time I treasure with all my heart, along with the recordings that we managed to preserve our music with.

Jan in NO vest (2)       Rick_Anson_Texas


We had an outdoor spa building behind our house. One night I was in the hot tub by myself and this song came to me. I wrote it all within twenty minutes. (We kept pad and pen close at all times.)

The result of that late night soak was “Hate The Sin But Don’t Hate The Sinner.

I loved every aspect of this creative mode from jotting an idea down to finishing out verses and chorus and walking into the studio to record.. Do I miss it? Heck yeah, but the writing just simply turned a corner in another direction.

Hope you enjoy!!

Hate The Sin But Don’t Hate The Sinner by Jan Sikes

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Rick & Jan 06-22-08


24 thoughts on “Hate The Sin

    1. Thank you, Gwen. Actually, the man doing the guitar work on this song lived in Branson for many years and played with The Dillards. His name is Jim Glaspy and he is an amazingly talented musician!


  1. That was awesome, Jan! You are a multi-talented individual.
    In addition to writing books and music, I believe performing is an art too. I would think that would be something you’d miss. What a great song. And I love the pictures of you and Rick.

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  2. Jan- I loved your 4 books about you and Rick. I have purchased 2 CD’s and love both of them immensely. You are a very gifted lady and I’m so glad I took the journey with you and Rick through your 4 fabulous books. Love you and Linda both Dearly. I hope to meet you one day. BTW what an awesome song.

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