Libraries in Hurricane Harvey’s Path


Hurricane Harvey left SO much destruction in its path and that didn’t exclude libraries along the coast.

Most small libraries have little outside funding and depend on donations to survive.

PLEASE dig deep into your pockets and help these libraries recover. Your donations are tax deductible.

Here is the link: Hurricane Harvey

This is just one of the many ways the Texas Association of Authors helps.


15 thoughts on “Libraries in Hurricane Harvey’s Path

  1. As I was getting my library books together, they are due Saturday, I was wondering if the library I go to had damage, the area it is in was hit hard, so I am afraid it might have. It is very sad, for the small towns to lose their library, and even harder to know that all the schools that are under water, now don’t have a school library.

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  2. Jan- thanks for this blog, it’s just so horrific all the devastation Harvey has done. As an avid lover of books and the therapy they give me daily reading, this just breaks my heart. Love you girl, thank for reminding us of these little things that mean so much to many of us. Love you Dearly.

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  3. Wow, I hadn’t even thought about the libraries, but of course they are affected too.
    Today is the #DayofGiving and hopping online to send a donation is the first thing I did this morning. I hope everyone rallies and contributes as much as they can.
    Jan, double check your link. I got an error message when I clicked.

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  4. I’ll always have a soft spot for libraries, Jan. To an author they’re almost sacred. I was heartbroken earlier this week to read about a large scale shooting at a library in a small New Mexico town…
    Anyway many thanks for the link and the reminder. Have a thriving Thursday.

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