When someone reads and leaves a review for one of my books, I am always moved. But, this review from D.L. Finn made my eyes misty.

Here is her review on Amazon:

“This is the final book in the fictionalized true-story of Luke and Darlina Stone. The story continues where it left off in “Home at Last” for Luke and Darlina. The remarkable journey of this couple comes full circle when music reenters their lives. I loved that Darlina (and their daughter) joined Luke on stage. It was beautiful to read the process of this couple creating music together. I felt every emotion reading “’Til Death Do Us Part”, especially knowing it’s the real story of the author– and it was the last book. I was heartbroken watching the decline of Luke’s health, but was amazed, again, at how strong their love was. When I hear an owl hoot at night it will always remind me of this couple’s unwavering love. A beautifully written series I highly recommend.”

Thank you to D.L. for the kind words! Please visit the original post on her BLOG.

Christmas is coming! If you’d like an autographed copy of TIL DEATH DO US PART, visit my website.

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19 thoughts on “TIL DEATH DO US PART – A REVIEW BY @dlfinnauthor

  1. Jan, what a moving review. I sobbed at the end. I couldn’t help it. I remembered those heartbreaking days and watching him move toward the end of his life. You were so strong and positive through it all. Love you, sister.

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    1. Thank you, sister. I can’t say I was strong and positive. I was numb and it’s still a blur, but writing about all of it helped process and to let go of it. Love you, too. xoxoxo


  2. Til Death Do Us Part is now on my radar. I will have to take the time to read this. Congratulations Jan and thank you D.L.Finn for bringing this book to our attention.

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  3. I am glad I came across your blog today, it is already waking my interest and appreciation.
    The review you posted is so strong and beautiful that I feel this is a book ( or series ) I would love to

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    1. Oh my goodness, Miriam, thank you SO much for stopping in and leaving a comment today. I do hope you’ll like the variety of subjects you’ll find on my blog and will visit often. I absolutely love the graphic with the dolphin leaping out of the water with a big full moon behind him. It is beautiful.

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