I ran across this – Reflection

I ran across this nugget today.


And it prompted these thoughts…

For everything that we did wrong…

For everything that we got right…

For all that we should have done…

For all that we did do…

For all the struggles…

For all the victories…

Through it all – We loved.

We dared to love with all our hearts

All our souls…

AND, we managed to have some fun along the way.

Funny how the holiday season brings nostalgia.


22 thoughts on “I ran across this – Reflection

  1. Jan- WOW, that was beautiful.
    I love y’alls Photo, what great memories. I’m Thinking about you here at this difficult time during the holidays, but I know Rick is shining heavenly stars down on you.
    Love you!!!

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  2. Lovely! You both look so happy and you look stunning, Jan. It’s a perfect photo for the season and your poem tops it off. Thank you for the inspiration! ♥

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