Jonah – Part 7

Last week, we left Jonah and Tidus in the midst of a horrific and sudden rain storm that erupted when Jonah questioned Tidus about his father. Let’s join them and see how they fared the storm.


Jonah snatched up his meager possessions as the deluge beat down unrelenting, on the crudely made hut.

Water ran in streams, washing everything in its path down toward the murky waters. He had no time to waste. He dug the jerky out of the ground and tossed it along with the books and his other belongings into the burlap bag.

“Can you make it stop?” He yelled at Tidus.

Tidus sat dazed, his eyes rolled back in his head. He chanted words Jonah could not understand. The fragile walls of the hut began to collapse around them.

Jonah reached for Tidus, slung the burlap bag over his shoulder and ran. The rain blinded him. He stumbled over tree roots and briars.

Where to go?

Jonah pulled Tidus along. His need to protect the kid was strong. Tidus remained lost in some sort of trance.

Finally, Tidus pulled back. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a large Amethyst Crystal.


He raised it to his forehead and chanted in a rumbling voice unlike any Jonah had ever heard. “Bay of old and sun so bright. Clear the mist of clouds at night. I, son of Drake, beseech you. Dispel the darkness, bring the light.”

Almost as quickly as it started, the pounding rain stopped. Black clouds parted, and bright sunshine reflected off remaining droplets on branches and leaves.


“What in the hell just happened?” Jonah exclaimed.

Tidus placed the gemstone back in his pocket and shrugged.

Jonah turned in a full circle. “That’s all you’ve got? A shrug? My hut is destroyed. What am I going to do now?”

“Sorry,” said Tidus. “Perhaps you shouldn’t mention my dad again.”

Jonah mumbled. “You can bet on that one.” He stomped off in the direction they’d come. When he cleared the trees, he gasped.

His hut was intact. Only it was larger and sturdier than the original. And, it even had a door.



Jonah’s head swam. How could that be? He’d watched it collapse around him. Surely he was having a wild dream.

Nothing made sense.

And, a newly delivered burlap bag sat nearby.

18 thoughts on “Jonah – Part 7

  1. Jan, I really hate reading this story in tiny bits. I want the whole thing!! This is excellent. It always leaves me wanting more. I’ve got to know more about Tidus and I want Jonah to find some sort of peace or acceptance. John Howell is right. When he stopped being selfish, his conditions improved. EXCELLLENT! Love you, sister. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you feel that say, sister. 🙂 I definitely think Tidus is going to help Jonah grow inside. And, maybe Jonah can help Tidus too. We shall see. Love you!


  2. Good morning Jan- oh my, this story just keeps getting more and more intriguing. I’m so hooked…
    you have a wonderful Blessed day.
    Love you and enjoy your Sunday visit with Linda. I know she’s relieved to have her rewrites completed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Tonya. Lol! You know us so well. I am just waiting for her text telling me she is up. Since the time changed, she may be sleeping in. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and Rob have a wonderful day!! Hugs!


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