Jonah – Part 8

When we left Jonah and Tidus last week, a horrendous and sudden storm had totally destroyed his hut. He’d grabbed Tidus and his meager belongings and fled. After Tidus chanted and held his Amethyst Gemstone to his forehead, the storm had stopped as suddenly as it had started. Now Jonah’s returned to make the shocking discovery of a new bigger and better hut and a new burlap bag. Let’s join them and see what’s next.

Jonah stood rooted in the same spot for a long minute. He turned to find Tidus close behind him.

“What? How?” He pointed to the hut.

Tidus shrugged. “Maybe something in the bag will answer your question.”

Forcing his feet to propel him forward, Jonah reached the burlap bag and pulled the tie. He dumped the contents on the hard ground.

Another book and a note fell out. He dropped to his knees. With shaking hands, he unfolded the note and read it out loud. “Because you thought of someone other than yourself for the first time in your life.”

Tidus knelt beside him. “You mean you’ve never thought about anybody other yourself your entire life?”

“I suppose so,” Jonah muttered.

“But, you made sure I was safe and it seemed to come naturally to you.”

Jonah reached for the new book. “Dark Side of the Light Chasers,” by Debbie Ford.” He held the book out to Tidus. “Ever heard of this one?”

dark side of the light chasers

Tidus nodded. “It’s a workbook of sorts. There are exercises after every chapter.”

“Exercises for what?” Jonah thumbed through the pages.

“It’s sort of a guided way to work on yourself, to face your shadow self and do shadow work.  My favorite quote from the book is, ‘Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.’

Jonah stood. “Shadow work?  Answers inside me? That makes no sense.”

“It will when you read the book. Looks like you have to do some self-discovery work if you ever want to leave this island.”

“I’ll read the book and learn the right words to say. Then I can talk my way out of here.”

Tidus drew a symbol in the dirt. “It doesn’t work that way, Jonah. They’re not interested in your words. Your actions are what they want to see.”

Jonah squinted. “You’re a weird kid, Tidus. How do you know so much about all this? Did they send you? And what is that you are drawing in the sand? You aren’t doing some sort of magic spell, are you?”

Tidus dropped his stick and stood. “No. I swear it. This is what we call sacred geometry. It is the symbol of the flower of life.”flower-of-life-beach

He continued, “What I told you is the truth. My father disappeared. My mother died and I’m all alone on the other side of the island. I would take you there if I could. Then you’d see I speak the truth.”

“Okay, kid. I believe you. It’s just that you seem to know a lot about all this self-work stuff. More than a kid your age should know.”

“It’s simple. My mother taught me from all these books. She was also teaching me how to grow and use my magic when she died. I have lots of books back at my home. If you want, I could bring you some. Maybe I could help you.”

Jonah shrugged. “Suit yourself. Bigger men that you have tried.” He slapped Tidus on the back. “Let’s look inside my new digs.”

With his dagger drawn, Jonah flung the rickety wooden door open to reveal a more spacious and weather-proof hut. As far as he could tell from the dim light, the inside was empty. He could almost stand up inside.

He sheathed the dagger and tossed the new book into one corner, then emptied the contents of the bag he carried over his shoulder. He quickly dug a small hole and re-buried the Jerky. With some of the vegetables Tidus had brought, he could make them a nice soup to eat. He leaned back against the wall and blew out a breath.

His head spun with thoughts. He was being forced to look at himself. The thought frightened him more than anything or anyone he’d ever faced. This was not going to be easy or pleasant.

20 thoughts on “Jonah – Part 8

  1. I love how he thought about making a meal for both of them at end–even more progress! You have me curious about The Dark Side of Light Chasers. Enjoying this journey:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Denise. The book is truly a self-discovery workbook with exercises at the end of each chapter. It forces to look at the shadow parts of ourselves that we want to keep hidden away and avoid. Jonah needs this, and someone thinks he is worth saving. I appreciate you stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is SO true, John. I didn’t make that water connection, but now I see why it had to be the Flower of Life. 🙂 Wow!! I love synchronicities. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

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    1. Yes, Jonah is in for some hard lessons. But, someone thought he was worth saving and I do too. I am fascinated by Sacred Geometry so had to add a little of it in. Hugs, sweet sister!

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  2. Tonya’s right. We are all about to learn life lessons. I love this story. Even as bad as Jonah was on the first day, I was rooting for him. He’s a very sympathetic character. He never had someone to teach him or to show love. A great character. Good job as always, sister. Hope you get over the crud.

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    1. Thank you, sister. I was rooting for Jonah from the start too, but he sure has a lot to learn. He’s getting there, though with Tidus’ help. I will be fine. Thanks so much for commenting. Love you!


  3. Omg this just keeps getting better & better, Jan. 🤔🤔🤔Hum??? I have a feeling we are all going to learn some life lessons from this one. 🤗
    I sure hope you’re feeling better. Praying your medicine helps you.
    Love you Dearly. 💜💕⭐️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Tonya. Your kind words keep me motivated. Yes, Jonah is going to have to learn some hard lessons if he ever wants to leave this island and rejoin the world. I am already feeling better. I’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time. I hope you are feeling better as well. Love you, too! Hugs!!


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