Everyone’s footprint, like their fingerprint, is unique and individual. Today, I was talking with a friend about famous singers and how ofttimes, their children try to fill their shoes.  For instance, more than one of Merle Haggard’s children have tried to break into music without their father’s degree of success. Another example is Shooter Jennings, who is a great artist in his own right, but not of the caliber his father, Waylon was.

In the course of our conversation, these words came out of my mouth and were so profound that I had to share. I said, “No one can walk in the exact same footprint as another person. We have to make our own footprints in life.”

The more I thought about it, the deeper it got.

As an author, I have at times doubted whether I have anything to contribute that hasn’t already been done. The old saying, “There is nothing new under the sun,” comes to mind.

But, when I think about it from the context of my quote, it all changes. No one can tell a story exactly the same way I can. You could take one hundred people, give them all the same subject title and you would get one hundred different stories. That is because we are all different. We view the world through unique lenses and no two are alike.

In the middle of writing this post, I received an email from a dear friend who is a psychic medium. She said she had a message from the Angels. Here was the message: “I asked my own Angels if they had an affirmation to share with you today. Their answer is that your unique self is special and enough, don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. ”

I swear you can’t make this stuff up. Obviously, some of are needing to hear this.

So, if you ever think that you may not have anything to offer this congested world, think again. You do!

You have your own footprint to make. Be brave, bold and sure and move forward with your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Even if it’s been done thousands of times over,  it has not been done like you can do it.

To celebrate April – National Poetry Month I give you this food for thought.

Make your own footprint

Wherever you roam

Whether near or far

Let your dreams be known

The race is one of endurance

Not merely a sprint

Be bold and brave with assurance

That none can copy your footprint.

Happy Footprinting!!





39 thoughts on “Footprint

  1. Thank you so much, sister, for stopping by and reading my post. I agree that everyone measures success in different ways and I’d say you’ve reached a high pinnacle of success! I tried to follow in your footprints when we were kids, but it became obvious I couldn’t. I had to make my own. I love you!!


  2. How very true. Fingerprints are the same. Everyone’s is different, even twins, triplets, etc. Years ago, a very wise author told me to stop comparing my work with others. Some will always write better than me and I will always write better than others. We are all at our own level and our footprints are never the same. We have to follow our own path and go wherever it leads. We set our own idea of success, not anyone else. For me, I measured my success by believing that if I could touch just one person’s heart with something I wrote, I would have reached success. I’ve achieved far more than that. Great, thoughtful blog, Sister! Love you dearly.

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  3. Jan, I so needed this today. It’s as if each of us is a drop of ocean water that’s evaporated, reconstituted, and then rained back into our origins. Every drop is different from the others and different from itself in each consecutive lifetime. That makes every one of us unique. Never doubt the joy and inspiration you give to others (I’m speaking to myself here as well). Hugs and happy weekend, my lovely friend ❤


  4. Beautiful reflections and poem, Jan. And some messages from beyond on the topic too. I love the idea that each us is shaped by millions of experiences, impressions, and interpretations that no other person can possibly comprehend as a whole. We’re each 100% unique, and there’s something totally awesome in that fact! You are one of a kind, and there never has been nor will there ever be another you. Therefore everything that arises from your inner being is also unique. 🙂 Thanks for the morning musing. 🙂

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  5. Thank you for leaving a comment, Judy. It seems these thoughts are resonating with so many people. I guess we all needed the encouragement. I’d love for you to meet my friend. Her name is MarVeena Meek and she lives in Forney. Her gifts are real and she uses them wisely.

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  6. Just now saw this, read it, and digested your words, thoughts, and feelings. Wow!!! It certainly resonated with me and my feelings, at times, of not being worthy and confidant with my own abilities. Your words filled my heart and consciousness.
    May my footprints continue to leave an inspiring mark for children of all ages! Lastly, I want to meet your friend!!!

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  7. Beautiful and inspiring post, Jan! It is exactly what I needed to read today. I completely agree, we are all unique individuals with different ways of seeing the world and unique ways of interpreting what we see. Bravo! ❤ xx

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  8. What an inspiring post, Jan on so many levels. Such insight on making your own footprints during the conversation. We all have our own voice to share that no one else can. Then to get a message from a friend confirming exactly that…wow. You topped off this message we all need to hear at times when we doubt ourselves with a perfect poem. Thanks Jan.

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  9. This post almost begs the question “does plagurism exist”. Short of copying something word for word, every story is told from a unique standpoint: the writer’s. Is it true there are only 32 stories? I can’t remember where i read that.
    The only time when authors may not make use of the “fair” rule of copying is from songs. Many express the same things, but differently, and they are so short quoting any part of them would be theft.
    An interesting post, Jan, and I particularly like the photograph that illustrates it.

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    1. So very true, Sarah. And, I agree that plagiarism is a sticky fine line. I think we all needed a reminder that we are unique and we do have something worthy to contribute to this crazy world of writing stories. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Hugs!

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  10. What a fabulous post Jan! We are all unique and that is what makes us who we are. I absolutely love the fact that your friend called you and that she was thinking of you.The message she sent was perfect.

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  11. Jan, thank you for your wonderfully inspiring post! 😀 I also often wonder: ‘…whether I have anything to contribute that hasn’t already been done.’ Your words are a timely reminder and confirmation that indeed we all do … how spooky that your friend called with your affirmation! Finally, I love you poem at the end … Happy Footprinting! My motto from now on! ❤️

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