Rick Sikes 8-5-35 to 5-1-09

It is hard to believe that it’s been nine years already. I’ll never forget that early morning exit from life that Rick made and how the Angels surrounded us. And, I know I will see him again.

This is my tribute to him today…

Did - Didn'tby Jan Sikes


A story as big as Texas itself!

Poetry & ArtFrom the heartand soul.






46 thoughts on “Rick Sikes 8-5-35 to 5-1-09

  1. This is such a beautiful tribute, Jan. Your relationship was so deep and so loving. Let’s hope Rick is kicking up a little mischief in the dimension he now inhabits 🙂 Hugs, Sister ❤️❤️

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  2. What a touching poem. Yes, his death brought a mountain of changes but you paused to adjust your sails and keep your ship aimed toward living. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished since he crossed over. I love you, sister!

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  3. Jan, I feel so privileged to have come to know your Rick through the loving pages of your books. His warmth and innate wisdom shine through your words. I believe that the spirits of those that are eternally sleeping guide us, and shelter us with warm memories on our darkest of days. Your great love is an inspiration, my friend.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Sooz. I am thrilled that you found our story compelling enough to read and enjoy. I too believe that the spirits of those who are eternally sleeping guide us and bring the brightest of memories when we need them the most. Hugs!

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  4. Oh Jan, I can relate to your feelings through your words and emotions for I have those same feelings about my Sam. I have felt his presence many times and it is such a comfort. Knowing and feeling his presence puts a smile on my heart and face. Once or twice I heard him call my name and I took a deep breath and smiled. those joyous moment in time are so meaningful. I cherish them! We both had wonderful souls in our lives!

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  5. Gone but NOT forgotten! He was genuine! I still play the CD he gave me very often and I share the story of that recording studio! He liked my tub playing at the birthday parties, MEMORIES MEMORIES!

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    1. He was fascinated by your tub playing, Elaine! He admired talent and you had it. Yes, memories! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hugs!


  6. What a beautiful tribute to Rick and a beautiful poem. But your book series is the ultimate tribute–a fantastic look at your life together and your dedication to each other. Surely, Rick is smiling down on you even now.

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  7. What an inspiration Rick was in so many peoples lives. He will be forever remembered and be forever missed! Love you both, Rick and Jan!!
    Your friend , Penni

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    1. Thank you, Penni, for taking time to stop by and leave a comment. I know Rick is SO proud of the man Denny grew to be. He is smiling. Love you, sweet friend. Continued prayers for your complete healing.


  8. What a beautiful tribute.
    Jan, you are an incredible poet. You and my mom would have loved each other. She was a poet. I miss her, too.
    I have her poems. I promised to transfer them to a CD or an anthology. Maybe it’s about
    Thanks for sharing this.

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  9. Jan, you’ve beautifully captured the eternal nature of love, how it stretches through time and distance. Thank you for sharing this with us; I’ll be remembering you and Rick throughout the day. Blessings. ♥♥♥

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  10. Dear Rick,
    I know you’re resting well up yonder. Man you must be mighty proud of Jan and what she has accomplished in yours and her name since your passing. It’s as if you never left ! Save us a spot at your camp and pass the apple jack.

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  11. Jan- My Heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with us all. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you again for the beautiful CD you sent me. You all have such beautiful voices.
    Your poem for Rick is beautiful.
    Love and hugs Sweet Lady!

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