Crystal Beach

I am sharing my sister’s blog post with some snippets from our trip to the Gulf Coast and the Bolivar Peninsula. It was such an incredible and much-deserved vacation!

Come With Me To The Texas Gulf Coast

And I’ll add a few of my own thoughts.

Getting to go onboard the sailing ship, The Elissa, was one of the highlights of our trip. They allow visitors to walk all through the ship, see the sleeping quarters, kitchen, captain’s quarters and read some amazing sailing stories. It is noted as a tall ship with three masts and was put into service in 1877.


This was the most dazzling sunset I’ve ever witnessed!


My brother caught a small shark. 🙂 Yikes!


This enormous Pelican greeted us outside Stingaree’s restaurant. A majestic bird.


And we were gifted this rainbow on the morning we had to head home.


It was a fabulous week spent with family. My oldest sister is now 82 and I realized every moment we can share is special. The years are short and getting shorter.

I came back home behind on everything and I know I missed some fabulous blogs, but I’ll eventually catch up. It was worth it!


24 thoughts on “Crystal Beach

  1. Jan, this looks like an amazing holiday and even more special to be spending time with your family! The sunset is astonishing, breathtaking … I just had it pause by the photo and absorb the beauty! Wonderful. Haha…your brother looks chuffed with his little shark … it looks so cute!

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  2. Beautiful spot and moment, Jan. Glad you shared your sister’s blog and time together. Very true and important to remember: I realized every moment we can share is special.

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  3. What a wonderful trip! I hopped over to Linda’s blog to check her photos and left her a comment too. I love vacationing at any water/coastal location. The photos are fabulous, and spending time with family (especially as is we age) is precious indeed. Welcome back, and thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

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    1. Thank you, Mae! I know Linda will appreciate a comment on her post as well. It was a wonderful time with family and none of us are getting any younger. I’m the baby of the family and I’m now in my sixties.

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  4. Jan! I am so happy you enjoyed your trip and thank you for sharing your adventures with us. It looked like a great time for all.

    My sister and I are going the middle of June and I can’t wait to make some memories as well.

    Love and hugs, Betsy

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