Indie or Traditional – How does an author pick the right direction?

Don Massenzio makes some valid points about Indie Publishing versus Traditional. See what you think.

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CrossroadJumping into the indie author scene, for me, was a calculated risk. Like I do with a lot of decisions, I looked at the pros and cons.


  • You can easily publish your work on a number of platforms at little or no cost (Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, etc.).
  • The royalties for sales are good. If you price a book on Amazon over $2.99, for instance, you will get 70% of the selling price as royalties.
  • You can write at your own pace in whatever style you want.
  • You can directly interact with your readers on many platforms (blogs, mailing, lists, social media, author signing events).
  • There is an organized community of independent authors and you can learn from others and help others that are just getting started.
  • My writing would be judged directly by the readers and not some low-on-the-totem-pole publishing house employee looking for the flavor of the month.
  • Trend-setters like Hugh Howey

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6 thoughts on “Indie or Traditional – How does an author pick the right direction?

  1. I think the choice was made for me when I went back to college.

    To me, indie (or self-publishing) has been a great way to offer free and low-cost stories to my readers, without having to take time away from my classes for the full responsibilities of traditional publishing.

    And also, the degree I’m earning is teaching me *how* to workshop, edit, query, and more, so that when I am ready, I can make the choice to pursue a traditional publishing path ✌😊 Of course, there’s pros and cons to both, but we can work through that!

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