Another Bloomin’ Cover Reveal — But this time it’s mine!

Congratulations to Teagan R. Geneviene on the cover reveal and new book to be launched later this month!

Teagan's Books

Friday, October 5, 2018

I debated when to run this post.  I worried that it wouldn’t be seen between my serial posts — so I scheduled it as my Saturday post. Then I worried that you’d lose track of Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers… 

Have I ever mentioned that Springsteen was born to run,Steppenwolf was born to be wild, and I… well, I was born to worry?  The short story is I changed my mind this morning and decided to post the cover reveal now!

First came Atonement, Tennessee — my debut novel.  For years, as time, life, and my job permitted (which wasn’t nearly often enough) I worked on the creation of a sequel.  Eventually, I started my editing process.  That was made more difficult because of all those years of start and stop writing.  And then, the editing was almost as stop-n-go as the writing. …

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13 thoughts on “Another Bloomin’ Cover Reveal — But this time it’s mine!

    1. Excellent. So do I. I really need to make a video “how to” about that, to make it easier for people.
      Okay… I need to get a second cup of coffee and squeeze some TX home searching into this day. I think my new tactic is to search 55+ communities in the more “desert” like parts of the state. I really miss the desert…

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