Sedona, Arizona Re-cap

Yep! You knew it was coming, didn’t you?. 🙂 I’ll re-cap the Sedona, Arizona adventures in pictures because they are worth a thousand words.

If you’ve never visited this magical place, perhaps these pictures will suffice to pique your interest.

Our Airbnb – We called it our Hobbit House!
Just one of the beautiful Red Rock Formations
One of our hiking excursions

Another day of hiking in the Red Rocks and discovering some old ruins.



Absolutely amazing how they built this church into the rocks!
My girls arrived and this is inside the Airbnb
Beautiful ladies!
At the Grand Canyon – my best friend, Kay. We’ve been friends for over 38 years!
Happy to be at the 7th Wonder of the World! The Grand Canyon.
My girls at the Grand Canyon!

I hiked with them down into the canyon almost two miles. It was an incredible experience, but I struggled to make it back up the steep incline in the mid-day Arizona heat. It was a lesson to acknowledge and respect my limits. 🙂

This guy posed for us as we left the canyon.

We made it to the Airport Vortex to watch the sunset the next day.



All dressed up for a fabulous dinner at the Enchantment Resort nestled between two vortexes.

The last morning. We hired a guide to take us on a hike that included a yoga and meditation session.


After taking the girls to get their Aura photos taken, we headed home. Sedona, Arizona is a special place on our planet and I will visit it again!

I hope you enjoyed the pictorial tour!


28 thoughts on “Sedona, Arizona Re-cap

  1. Oh my,what a treat of a post, Jan! 😀 I’ve slowly looked through the photos, then scrolled to the top look again, in awe! Wow! The rocks are amazing, the landscape surreal and Astonishing… an amazing ans inspirational place for yoga! I’m also very impressed you all managed to hike down, and then back up the Grand Canyon! You and your friends look so happy and relaxed together, a very special break with your own Hobbit House! Xx

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  2. Thanks – I have never been to the USA – when I do get there I hope to see sights like that rather than Disney land! I was watching an Australian drama last night, set up in the north with colours that make you wish you cold paint and it struck me that every continent has beautiful areas of rich red colours.

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    1. That is SO very true and I totally agree. Each location across this great planet we live on has such unique beauty and it keeps me awestruck! While you’d like to make it over here to see the sights, I’d love to make the journey to your side of the globe to see the beauty it holds. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. What a wonderful trip. The photos are fabulous! I especially like the Enchantment Resort photo and your very cool Airbnb place. I remember seeing a group of professional hoop dancers while in Sedona. They were amazing. I would love to go back there again. The hike with yoga and mediation sounds like a wonderful thing to do.
    I really enjoyed these, Jan!

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    1. Thank you, Mae! I am happy you enjoyed the photo journey. It was all so amazing. I would have a hard time picking one favorite place or thing I saw. It’s all amazing. How wonderful to have seen the hoop dancers in Sedona. I know that was another one of those life moments you never forget. Hugs!

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  4. Beautiful, beautiful. I love Sedona and have visited many times, as I grew up in the Southwest. Thank you for bringing readers with you through photos. You made it alive for me today. ♥

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  5. Beautiful pics. That church is amazing. Arizona is one of the states I’ve never explored. Douglas, on the border, is really the only place I’ve been to. We crossed cattle there and my father’s cattle company at the time had an office and we stayed at the old Gadsden Hotel when we were there. We lived in El Paso at the time. Central for dealing our cattle in Mexico and the United States. Since I have MS if I ever explored Arizona it would be in their cool months and still wouldn’t involve a lot of hiking unfortunately. I did go to the Grand Canyon as a child but I was too young to remember it. Great blog

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    1. Stephanie- I’ve never visited AZ, but my dad grew up for about 4 years in Bisbee, AZ, actually my grandparent net there when my papa worked the copper mines and my Granny went out there from Texas with one of her brothers. I guess it was God’s will they met. I’m sure glad they did it I might not be here.

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      1. What a fabulous story, Tonya! And you are right. I am always amazed at the lengths the Angels have to go to to get two people together. And, I am very glad you are here! 🙂


    2. Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you stopped by. I too, saw the Grand Canyon as a child but it is totally different as an adult. I stood in awe of God’s creation! How interesting to have stayed in the old Gadsden Hotel. That would have given a good flavor of the old West. I appreciate you stopping by today! Have a wonderful blessed day!


  6. Jan- Wow, wow, wow, what a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Looks like you had an amazing day. That church nestled in the mountain was breathtakingly beautiful. So what was the best part or what did you enjoy the most? Was there something very surprising other than the church that you didn’t expect to see?
    Have a wonderful day. Love seeing Kay and your girls, y’all are all so special.
    Love you sweet Lady.

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    1. I think the most breathtaking moment for me, Tonya, was one day we went driving around exploring and drove between two of the most amazing rock formations I’ve ever seen. The energy was so strong it made the hairs stand up on my arms. I loved it! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. You are such a dear friend. I love you!


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